A Prophecy on Valentine’s Day

This was a very sweet word the Lord spoke to me for our congregation and the Body on Valentine’s Sunday this year.  I thought it would be good to share on here too.  Enjoy!

“I see many people here who are hungry, like baby birds who who have their mouths open and the mama bird just drops food into it, and their faces are lifted heavenward, worshipping. But its like in the spirit their mouths are open and I see the Lord’s hand (its huge!) above the congregation, and he is holding a giant clay pitcher pouring water into the mouths of those who are hungry, filling them with the waters of Life. Its easy. There is no coercing, no convincing or twisting the Lord’s arm. They are simply hungry, and asking. and he is simply responding, pouring the waters of Life into the mouths and bellies of all who ask. These waters bring a refreshing, cleansing and even a restoration to all corners of their lives; some ways obvious and seen, some ways invisible and unseen, but present none the less.

Then I see those who stand back with their arms crossed and like they are waiting for the Lord to come to them. They are waiting with their guards and suspicions up. on the outside, the hesitation looks like pride, but at the root of it is really a fear, a hurt mistrust, an uncertainty that God really had good intentnions toward them. The voice of religion has fueled that mistrust. Condemnation, guilt, accusation (all the voices and fruits of “religion”) all make them put their walls up toward the Lord in fear that He is going to hurt them, not be trustworthy or even just be sorely disappointed with them. But the Lord is saying, “Come. Come to me, for I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have watched and loved you so deeply and patiently, all the days of your life. And I will continue to wait patiently. But I would ask you to take a chance on me. Open your heart to me and I will pour my love on you in a way that will touch you in a very unique and special, healing way. Those who put their hope in Me will NOT be disappointed. Bring your walls down, take a chance and step beyond your fears adn let me love you and your life will be changed. Some quickly and drastically, some slowly and steadily, but I know you and will woo you and draw you to myself at the pace that YOU need. There is safety in my love. Let your walls come down adn I will draw you and speak tenderly to you. I will betroth you to myself and the day will coem when you will no longer call me “My Master”, but you will call Me, “My Husband”. Oh how I have loved you. Let my love rest on you and fill you. What a beautiful journey my love is. Know that my love for you is patient. My love for you is kind. Come to me, for I have loved you with an everlasting love.”

Then there are some in here whom the Lord has specifically been drawing, for days, weeks, months or even years. But especially lately you’ve been finding yourself thinking of the Lord more, finding a curiosity about Him growing in your heart, even a tugging on the inside: a subtle nagging in his direction. that is the Spirit of God calling you by name. His Love, drawing you to himself. Not so that you would do all kinds of things for Him, but because he LOVES you. He has LONGED for you!! As a parent loves their child so deeply and passionately, so simply and powerfully, so the Lord has loved you… simply because you are His. He wants you for YOU. Not for things you can do for him. He says,”Religion has twisted the image of my love into an abusive and self-serving thing. But my love is PURE, and my love for you is GOOD. It brings peace and freedom, it is not burdensome as some have believed. you see, I am FOR you and not against you. Behold, My Child, I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have sought after you from the womb. All of yourdays, look back and you will see my fingerprints throughout your life drawing you to myself. Come, come to me my child for I have loved you with an everlasting Love.”


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