How to get your children to take vitamins they can’t swallow.

I don’t know about you, but spending a load of money to get specialized “children’s chewable” vitamins, or the liquid form of vitamins for my children is not my idea of economical wisdom.  Not to mention, there have been many times I’ve been needing to give my son a dose of zinc for that cold but didn’t have anything on hand but the non-chewable version.  Hmm… what to do?  Well, I got creative and decided to see if I could crush those pills into powder and add it to their juice!  Lo and behold, it worked!  Here’s how I did it:

1.  Set out the appropriate dosage for your child on a piece of aluminum foil.

2.  Use the flat, metal handle of a utensil, such as a large spoon or a butter knife, to crush the pill into pieces.

3.  Continue crushing until that pill is reduced to a fine, dissolve-able powder.

4.  Add it to their juice (I even use crystal light, just be sure the flavor of the drink is strong enough to overpower any distorting flavors from the vitamins), shake and let them suck down all those great vitamins!  They will never know the difference, but you will have saved money, saved a trip to the store, and gotten them on the road to quicker immune-boost!  Ignorance IS bliss in this case!


4 thoughts on “How to get your children to take vitamins they can’t swallow.

    • Yeah, but I’ve found that a lot of vitamins they don’t have in gummy form, or I haven’t found (example: “zinc”), or they are still very expensive, so this has become my alternate plan. But if you find the gummy form and like how that works, go for it! I myself could eat gummy vitamins all day, and so they don’t last as long in my house as the swallowable ones. 🙂 I’m still a kid when it comes to that stuff! haha… thanks for commenting!

    • Its been an emergency life-saver a number of times! I’ve done it mostly with swallowable vitamin C and zinc I think. Its a lot easier than having to run out to the store, scouring for expensive gummy vitamins at 10:30 at night!

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