Canvas Wall hangings for Shiloh’s Nursery

With baby #4 on the way, it felt like it took me FOREVER to get any idea on what to do for the nursery.  Finally, in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, creativity slapped me and I’ve been in a hurry to get everything done!  My favorite is the wall Mural I painted which turned out fabulous, but more about that later.  For now, I wanted to share about my hanging canvases that I used to incorporate Shiloh’s older 3 brothers as well as the personal touch of having his name hanging in his room.  So, here are some vague steps for how I did it.  I’m sorry there are not more step by step photos, I just kept forgetting to photograph each step.  🙂  I’ll give you what I’ve got.

Basic "branch" painted across the three canvases.

Step 1:

First, I started with a 3-pack of flat canvases from walmart.  I think it was like between $3-$5.
Then, I laid them side by side, and sketched w/ a pencil a tree branch across the three, adding in the little flair curly cues.

Step 2:

Then, I painted them in w/ a rich brown.  I used a sponge paintbrush.

(I used a branch/tree theme because the mural I painted on the wall in the nursery is a huge tree w/owls… just sticking with the theme.)

Step 3:

Next, I painted my boy’s hands, and had them put their hand-prints on “their” specific canvas to the effect of “leaves” on the branch.  I went back with a paint brush and filled the prints in a little darker as well as added a couple regular looking leaves on each canvas.

Step 4:

I took my sponge brush and lightly applied a brown edging along each canvas to help each one have a finished look.

Step 5:

I decided that with all the “cool” colors already on the canvases, that painting the letters of his name in Yellow would help it “pop” and stand out a bit more against the busy background.  In the future, I’d probably use even lighter shades of green for the handprints so that they would have a more “faded” or background appeal.  With the greens too poignant, it makes the background busier than I’d hoped.

So, then I painted on the yellow letters, and (Step 6:) hot glued brown ribbon to the back so we could hang these things on the wall.

The "almost done" phase...

Step 7:

At this point, I wasn’t satisfied that the letters of his name stood out enough against the background busy-ness.  So, I took a vote on facebook from my friends, and sure enough the vote  was to outline it in black.

Ah! Progress...

Sure enough, the black outlining was the difference needed.  Awesome!  So, I outlined the rest of the letters, and hung it in the nursery.


It is finished…

Here, I’ll give you a sneak peek of part of my mural.  But I’m going to wait till the nursery is totally done to post the entire mural.  🙂

Sneak peek of big wall mural...

Well, there you have it!  one of my many pregnant-projects!  What I love most about this, is that my older boys had a direct involvement in this baby’s welcome to our family.  I love to pull them in some how to bring about a sense of ownership and hopefully disarm any competitiveness or jealousy, and the boys were thrilled to see their handprints displayed in his room. 🙂  And, the best part is, after the baby outgrows this, I can pull them off the wall and have a double keepsake: Shiloh’s namesake hanging, and the other boy’s handprints!  I put their personal initials in the corner of each canvas as their “artist signature”. 🙂

Baby is about to arrive, and I’m hoping I have enough time to finish all these other little projects, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this one.  Thanks for checkin’ it out!


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