The best homemade microderm facial ever!

I accidentally discovered this awesome microderm type facial a few days ago!  It started as something I found on a tutorial that used lemon juice and sugar but I found that the sugar felt like it was scratching and cutting my skin and did not leave it feeling polished or smooth.  So I got thinking and realized that baking soda is a very gentle cleanser and exfoliant so I decided to try it out!  Here’s what you will do:


(The baggie is my baking soda that I keep in my freezer. I promise its not anything else!)

Step one: get your supplies together. 
-hot running water
-a cotton pad
-half a lemon or whatever form or lemon juice you like best.  As natural as possible will be best.
-baking soda
-a moisturizer of some sort that will nourish your skin.  You can use coconut oil as I’ve heard its awesome, or something with vitamin E in it is best, but whatever you have is better than nothing.


Step 2: soak your cotton pad thoroughly with lemon juice. (Have water running so its nice and warm when you need it in a minute.)


Step 3: put a good pile of baking soda straight onto your cotton pad.  set cotton pad aside for a second while you wet your face with warm/hot water to open your pours sufficiently.

Step 4: scrub away at your wet face with your cotton pad, focus on rough areas and areas with acne scarring or other discolorations.  (You may find the lemon juice stings the face a little but keep scrubbing and it will pass.)

*the citric acid from the lemon juice does wonders for reducing redness and evening skin tone over time.  I feel like its also shrunk my pours too.  The baking soda is a gentle smoothing exfolient. 

Step 5: rinse your face when its thoroughly scrubbed, with warm water again.  It will feel slick as you rinse!  Once rinsed, use your moisturizer to protect your new face!

Try this up to a few times a week to keep your skin looking younger, fresher and healthier!


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