Messy (easy cleanup) fun with boys


Today we were bored and I decided to let my boys LIVE a little…and to keep them from screaming at each other in their boredom.  So I filled two pans with shaving cream, dropped in various colors of dye, stripped the boys down to their undies and gave them utensils to make a “painting” outside.


Benjamin kept insisting it was “cake”. 🙂


Levi wasn’t sure what to do at first until I told him to get all messy and I would just hose him off!  He had a blast then!


The beautiful thing about it all, the activity extends itself by becoming a water activity!  Hose them off (or let them jump in the pool) and let them loose to play for a while longer.  This probably kept them busy a total of 90 minutes!  Have fun!!


2 thoughts on “Messy (easy cleanup) fun with boys

    • Thank you!! It was one of those moments of “aha! Here’s something fun to do to keep them from fighting!” Usually it feels like i’m racking my brain to come up with creative stuff!! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope ya’ll have a blast with it once weather permits!

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