Homemade special day plate!


I remember growing up and getting to eat on the special BIRTHDAY PLATE on our special day.  It was a neat way to make our birthday even more exciting!  Well, a few days ago I sadly realized that I didn’t have such a plate for my boys, so I decided to make one.  All you need is a plane white ceramic plate from the dollar store, some sharpie markers and a working oven!  (Oh, and a magic eraser helps for messups).

–Clean your plate.
–Draw your design onto the plate w sharpies.  If you make a mistake, use your magic eraser to scrub it off and wipe it dry w a paper towel.
–When you’ve finished your design, bake the plate for 30 minutes on 350 in your oven and voila!  New plate!

I also did this with a couple coffee mugs for some friends.

Don’t put it in the dishwasher as this can undo your artwork. 

Happy designing!!


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