Magic tea I’m obsessed with


So, I recently discovered a new Tea that I am obsessed with.

And it is very simple.

Here it is for all you Health lovers and body conscious people. I created it the other day in a moment of brilliance and haven’t yet fully explored all the health benefits, but given the ingredients, I am sure there are tons, including at least : metabolism boosting, immune boosting, antioxidants, anti bacterial, anti aging helpers to name a few.

Here ya go!!


-fave mug w/hot water
-green tea bag
-half of a small orange
-tablespoon of honey

Put some hot water in your favorite mug.

Steep your green tea (or white tea if you’re a fan!) for no more than a minute. (Green and white teas are very delicate and turn bitter if oversteeped).

While it’s steeping, cut your orange in half and squeeze the juice into the cup. Let a wedge of it swim in the cup for added benefits of the essential oils from the rind releasing into your drink. This is a huge immune helper.

Finish w a spoonful of honey, stir and remove the tea bag and enjoy! What a great and healthy way to start and end your day!!

If you are curious all the benefits of your delicious drink, here are some fascinating links. After reading these you may adopt this drink as part of your daily staples! This is awesome info:

Green tea:





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