Healthy ways to keep the kids hydrated in the summer

If your kids are like mine, then when the summer hits I feel like I’m spending a fortune just keeping enough juice in the fridge to keep them all hydrated. Yes sometimes they do drink water, but sometimes they need a little extra boost of something that will replenish the energy stores. After a long time of using Crystal light, I got sick of having all the artificial stuff in their drinks. Then I discovered this wonderful herbal tea, that tastes like Heaven and is easy to make, and great for their immune systems. I thought I would pass this little tip along in case you find yourself in a similar position to me.

How to:

follow directions on the box!! I also will add other herbal teas to change the flavor a little or for added health benefits. This time around I am at peach orchard herbal tea which has various health benefits to it. You can use various healthy alternatives to sweeten it. I have used agave syrup, truvia, pure via, brown sugar, regular sugar. Use what you prefer!!

FYI: rose hips, hibiscus, elderberries are all excellent for boosting the immune system!






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