Blueberries, blueberries and more blueberries!!

We decided to finally go berry picking at a local Berry Farm!! Hurray!!  We had such a wonderful time!! (well, except for the rain downpour in the middle of our tasking, but then again, it was refreshing from the heat!)  For only $10 a gallon (equivalent of about 10 lbs of berries) we came home with an ABUNDANCE of berries!!  So, given that, I decided to use as many as possible since I found out AFTER rinsing them, that you can’t freeze them AFTER rinsing or they get freezer burned, you have to just rinse them before you use them… Agh.  go figure.  Soooo, I have a LOT of berries to use.  I’ve been giving some away, and otherwise will stuff them in my children’s faces and make as many blueberry things as possible!  Below are two yummy recipes I made.  One is Strawberry blueberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies, and the other is vitamin water with the berries and peppermint.  🙂  Enjoy the photos, and here’s the link to the recipe for the cookies.


Storm is coming!!


Levi preparing to pick a bucket full!!


Shiloh picked a few, but mostly ate a lot!


Benjamin did great, but tired out quickly.  He is three. 🙂


Me and the boys very proud of our increasing supply of berries.


Levi and my collection growing!!


Judah and Benjamin, happy, but tired and ready to call it quits.  They didn’t last but fifteen minutes! Lol…


Benjamin is just too cute not to put his little photo. 🙂


Shiloh eating them up… forgive the repeat!!


Washing my blueberries!  Very thrilled with my initiative taking, unfortunately, if you’re freezing yours, rinse them AFTER so you don’t lose the protective layer on their skin.  However, if you’re keepin them fresh, rinse them, and throw a capful of VINEGAR into the water with them to kill any mold spores so they don’t go bad so quickly!!  (at least I did SOMETHING right!)


Letting the berries dry out on a towel before handling them!


Making the cookies with chunks of white chocolate, blueberries, and strawberries!!  YAY!!


Yummmm… cookie batter!!!!  It was so good, maybe better raw than cooked!!  I saved some dough just because… 🙂  Ooh!!  I remembered that just now and might go eat some!!  🙂


Beautiful cookies!!!!


Forgive the tiny picture, but this is what I threw into the bottom of a pitcher for vitamin water:

-Thinly sliced strawberries

-Blueberries, gently squeezed to release some juices.

-Peppermint from my garden, crushed to release the oils.

Add filtered water to top, let it refridgerate over night!! Ta-da!!  Vitamin water!!!


Stawberry, Blueberry, peppermint vitamin water!!

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