Review of my essential oils experiment for weightloss and hormone balance

**I wanted to update this blog post since I’ve received feedback from a few licensed aroma therapists with concern that my research wasn’t thorough and I realized I had not told the whole story about how I ended up using essential oils, or ingesting them orally.  Now, before I jump in, if you are at all unsure about ingesting oils orally, then please don’t! There’s lots of other ways to use them, like inhalation and topical application.  I chose to take them orally because my family doctor actually recommended Young Living’s Thieves oils to us when we went in for an appointment and suggested we take a drop of it it orally in a cup of orange juice.  With certain oils, it is perfectly safe.  There are some that are less forgiving and should be taken with caution, like Wintergreen and Jasmine.  The ones I’ve listed in my recipes, to my research, should be safe for consumption, and certainly are safe to be inhaled through a diffuser or topically applied when diluted with a carrier oil.  The other direct source that convinced me that ingestion was a safe approach to using oils was my Naturapath Doctor.  He has prescribed oils to me for topical and oral use.  The third source validating my concerns about oral ingestion was the company I purchase oils from, who quoted to me that it should be safe to consume 1-8 drops a day, diluted.  Again, you need to know some oils pose more risk than others, so knowledge about individual oils is crucial.  I got online and did some searching, as well as have read a few different published books and I own and reference the Young Living Essential Oils handbook which offers guidance for each oil and which ones are safe for ingestion.  I hope this offers some consolation to those who have expressed concern, and I appreciate the accountability to keep people safe and all of us well-informed.  Again, each of you are responsible for your own health and if you’re unsure about my methods, please pursue the knowledge needed to make safe decisions for yourself.  This worked for me, and I simply wanted to share it in case it would work for any of you. 🙂 **


Onto today’s topic… EO’s for weigh-tloss and hormonal balance!  I found the top oils for each of those categories and made my own blends that I began to take orally every day in capsules. I wanted to share what the results were because many people were curious, and I have been very encouraged by the results! I love essential oils because they’re natural, easy on the body, and so healing and restorative. Now, I do not use Young Living or Doterra oils, because they are so expensive. But I found another brand that I enjoy that I buy on eBay for a fraction of the price, and have experienced great results with. To each his own! The brand I use on eBay, (and she has her own website), is Fabulous Frannie. I have asked her about the quality of the oils, and this was her reply:

Our essential oils are 100% pure grade. They are not cut, diluted or, adulterated in any way making them highly concentrated botanical substances. Pure essential oils are quite literally 1000 times more potent than their leafy counterparts.

All our oils are purchased from trusted distributors with whom we have long-term, close relationships. These distributors work directly with the farms and perform their own analysis on each batch of oil purchased. Working with distributors allows us the opportunity to purchase oils in lower volume to ensure we offer the best batches of essential oils on the market!

I was quite satisfied with her explaination and have continued to be satisfied with her product. 🙂

Ok onto the good stuff.

Below are photos of the blends I made. Now please forgive I don’t have an exact recipe and I am not licensed in this and cannot tell you if this would work for you or not. If you choose to try what worked for me, it is at your own risk. Typically essential oils are safe to consume 1-8 drops a day, but every body is different and I am not making any guarantees for how your body will respond to these blends or ingredients. If you know a licensed aroma therapist, get there thoughts first! Ok, that’s my disclaimer.




Hormone Balancing

(20-40 drops each in amber glass dropper bottle*)
-Clary Sage
-Fennel (if you have it, I did not)
Top it off with a high quality grapeseed oil to dilute it some. Mine ended up being about half the bottle EO and half grapeseed.

Gently shake the bottle to mix oils as they have different densities and will separate, and then drop about 8 to 10 drops into a capsule, Cap it, and take it with some water. I like to follow my capsules with a little bit of food because the oils may cause you to burp and then you will be tasting geraniums in your mouth…and that is just weird. :-).

For the first two weeks I took these daily to help my hormone balance in general. When I was ovulating or PMSing, I would take them once or twice daily, as needed.

Other popular oils for hormone balancing: roman chamomile and jasmine. The top four I listed are in order of most common for hormones. If you only have a few to choose from or a limited budget, opt for the top three or four.

For heavy bleeders, helychrysium is supposed to help with that. I use it for healing scars and wounds the kids get. It works faster than lavender.

Weightloss blend

20-40 drops each
-Ginger (I did not have or use, not sure if I would bc ginger can boost appetite, but is anti inflammatory and good for digestion)
This is the article I read that gave me these ingredients and what they each do.

-gently shake dropper bottle to mix oils
-fill capsule half to 3/4 full
-cap it and take w liquid.
-follow w food.
Note: the cooling and warming of peppermint can create a mild heartburn sensation but it’s just the peppermint, not actually heartburn. Following w food helps this.

I take this 1-2xs daily as needed, especially when cravings are higher (like before period).

Ok, here are my reviews:

Hormone Balancer

1. Balanced my PMS mood swings. Tamed the dragon dramatically. After my first period on the oils, I noticed four days in I had not gone into “raging monster” mode! I felt normal the whole time.

2. Shortened my period! I’m currently on my second period since starting these oils and my six day period has been transformed to a TWO day period. This is the morning of my third day and I’m already down to spotting. Amazing!

3. Lessened cramping and bloating. I still had some of this the first day of my period but it was decreased overall by about 75% and it only lasted the first day.

These were my biggest differences!

Weightloss Blend Review

1. Lost weight!! After about a week I lost 3-5 lbs, BUT I had already been exercising a couple times a week, cutting calories and had cut sugar two days prior. However, I had been cutting calories for months without change, and am not sure if it was the oils that brought the loss or my hard work was finally paying off. Could be both.

2. The BIGGEST difference I notice is my cravings were eliminated and appetite curbed. ESP during my period, I was able to stay on track w no-sugar. I take this blend two times daily when cravings are higher. I can’t say enough about how this has made it easier to stay on course w my eating. It’s tremendous. It eliminated my cravings so I made thoughtful decisions about my food instead of emergency decisions about my food. In fact some days I had to force myself to take in enough calories bc it had curbed my appetite so sufficiently.

3. IMMUNE BOOSTED!! Essential oils are excellent for your immune system, and a few things have floated through the family or circulated among friends and my body hasn’t even so much as felt like it was fighting a bug. I feel so healthy and GOOD inside. That alone is huge!!

So, that’s my review for anyone who was interested! I’m just a regular momma trying to do things healthier. I love natural means to health, and just wanted to share that with you! Let me know if you try these!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Oh!! For anyone curious where I got my dropper bottles or capsules, eBay and amazon! Here are some links:

Capsules: 1000 Empty Vegetarian (Vegan) Capsules Size 00 (Kosher/ Halal) Vegi Caps By PurecapsUSA

Dropper bottles: 1/2 Oz Amber Glass Bottle with Glass Eye Dropper (15ml) – Pack of 10

Fabulous Frannie oils on eBay: tell her “jenilee5” sent you


**Much of the guidance I received for making these blends came from the Young Living Pocket Reference guide (Although you’ll need pretty big pockets to carry this one!)


54 thoughts on “Review of my essential oils experiment for weightloss and hormone balance

  1. Catherine says:

    Hello. Great article by the way. I am trying to aid with my weight loss, and I am not too fond of taking capsules. So could I do that blend for the weight loss and put it in water? If so, how much water and how many times per day?

    • Hi Catherine, truth be told, you probably could take it without the capsule in water or juice but from experience it’s going to taste pretty horrible. Also, I’m not trained in this and am just going off my own experience. It’s totally at your own risk. But, I have taken thieves oil in orange juice and citrus oils straight on the tongue and not had issue but it’s not recommended that way bc the oils are so harsh that direct contact like that can be harmful to your stomach lining and other organs, so be cautious. I’d probably opt for a room diffuser or a diffuser necklace instead if you don’t want to take the capsules.

    • I believe at the time I did but have since learned that pre blending it causes it to oxidize and becomes less effective. I have read that you need to keep them separate until use. Sorry my response took so long!!

  2. Izel says:

    The hormone balancer would work for someone with no period (no uterus) had issues with one of my ovaries and it was “cleaned out” I still don’t feel same and wonder if this will help. Thanks

    • I am not trained and cannot tell you for sure if it will or not. If you’re interested in going the route of essential oils to balance hormones you may want to meet with a local naturopath doctor or aromatherapist. I noticed great results from doing his but again I do not do it daily as too much taken internally can have negative affects on your body. But it’s worth a try if you do it with wisdom (don’t take too much: more than two drops per dose, twice daily at most) and pay attention to how your body is responding. I pray you find excellent solutions! Another suggestion might be to do a diet plan that is designed to heal your hormones. I have come across quite a few. Google is my friend. 😉

  3. karaman says:

    Hi Jenny, thank you so much for this great post! I have been searching the web for such useful advice through and through and tumbled upon your by chance 🙂 so happy I did! I have just had an allergic reaction from mixing unintentionnally too many EO on my face! so now I try to be cautious. In France, it’s impossible to get any kind of information, they always ask you to get medical advice/prescription before ingesting any EO. But, I can’t afford one, so I am trying to get advice and info from wherever I can and I am so happy I found you. My question is about the weight loss formula: I wiuld like to start gradually with 2 drops twice a day in a capsule, so I would start with mixing all the ingredients in a bottle and then fill a capsule with 2 drops of that mixture and add a few drops of vegetable oil. If my body does not have any allergic reaction, I will increase gradually. Apparently, ingesting EO should be taken only for 21 days max, allowing the body to rest for a week (found that advice numerous times on French websites). Could you or anyone here tell me if that is a safe way to go? and can I replace Ginger EO with carrot EO? I don’t have grapefruit, could I double the lemon count? thank you whole heartedly.

    • Hi there! Firstly I need to tell you I am not a certified aromatherapist, I just study around much like you have been. With that said, I have been reading online and in helpful comments from aromatherapists on this post, that ingesting orally must be done very very cautiously and it sounds like a great plan to allow your body to rest after 21 days. I don’t use this combination regularly any longer but it seemed gently helpful while I did. The grapefruit is an important one so getting ahold of that one will help you a lot.

      As a side note, if weightloss is your goal, I just completed a diet called he HCG diet, designed by doctors, very strict but very successful!! It was healthy, simple, short lived and best of all had a gradual phase out period to help your body adapt to a new weight without gaining everything back. I have blogged about it if you’d like to see the results. That was much more effective than the drops and probably safer on the system than long term ingestion of the oils. I may need to go back and edit my post with the updated information I’ve been getting from aromatherapists. Hope this helps. Just search my blog for HCG diet journey and you’ll find a series of posts. :). Happy new year!!

    • I am not any longer. I did it for about thirty days. It seems to be something you have to do consistently. I am currently on the HCG diet and have seen lots of results with it!! I have another post on that! Feel free to check it out. Essential oils are wonderful and helpful but don’t replace proper diet and exercise. 🙂

  4. Leah pullen says:

    I realize this is is a little late but I wanted to add to it. Capsule form with a carrier oil is recommended as EOs alone can damage stomach lining. Mixed with water is not ‘just as good’. We all know oil and water doesn’t mix, so simply mixing with water, the oil is still hitting your stomach raw and undiluted. (Especially the citrus oils!) Also, taking any oil internally for too long can damage organs (liver, kidneys etc) due to their strength and the work it takes for the body to process them. This won’t happen in a weeks time, all accounts I’ve heard of have been people doing it daily for years. I’m not an aromatherapist, but am going off advice from one which supports my research in EOs.

  5. Mendy says:

    Hi, you said you diluted the weight loss mixture. Can you tell me what you used to dilute it with? I had already mixed the capsules when I read that piece of info.

  6. How many drops do it take to fill the capsules for the weightloss one? I plan to take mine with honey. I love fabulous frannie and have been using her for years! I love her oils but sometimes I can’t stand the dropper, buying new dropper bottles is genius!

    • I just do half my capsule which is five to eight drops but everyone I read who does oral recommends 1-2 drops. So, I don’t want to steer you wrong. Maybe start with just a couple drops and then go from there. Too much can have ill effects so keep it light id suggest.

  7. Tiffany says:

    First, thank you very much for the hormone balancer. It has helped me very much! I wanted to ask a question. I’m getting ready to make my 2nd batch and when looking at your picture closer, it shows lemongrass and cinnamon in the hormone balancer. Should I be putting those in too? Thank you for your time!

    • You’re welcome! Mine has helped me too! Honestly, because everyone’s hormone balances are different, every blend could be different. I recently did some online quizzes to see if I could narrow down WHICH hormones are high or low, and then searched oils to balance either my main symptoms or major imbalances. The hormone balancer has been huge for me too.

  8. R says:

    Is there clarification about which EO’s you are saying are ok to consume 8-10 drops per day? This is only is capsule form and not direct contact with mucus membranes? Is this based on a certain size person?

    It seems hard to believe that any oil company would state this 8-10 drops so loosely.

    The way this is written you are saying it is ok to take 8-10 drops of wintergreen orally every day?

    • To clarify, in all my reading of taking orally, it is recommended to do only 1-2 drops of EO, and always dilute in capsules by adding grape seed or olive oil to it. Straight EO can be harmful bc of the intensity.

      • I am a certified aromatherapist and want to caution everyone from ingesting orally.. Firstly, Wintergreen Gaultheria procumbens should never be taken orally it contains Methyl Salicylates and is very toxic. Taking oral essential oils should only be used if being monitored by a homeopathic Doctor or a certified aromatherapist. Secondly, inhalation and topical use is sufficient. I know we are all use to taking medications orally but really we can see almost instantaneous effects from inhaling the essence. It works by going through the olfactory pathway splitting up between the bloodstream and going straight to the cortex of the brain. Applying topically to the bottom of the feet or palms of hands works within 15-20 minutes and if you do not see results reapply. Remember also that 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28-30 cups of peppermint tea. If using 8 drops that would be equivalent to 224-240 cups of peppermint tea. Who needs that much tea? One drop of any oil is strong you can use 1-2 drops on each foot but no oil should be used everyday. You can become sensitized or worse you can damage your liver or kidneys. One gentleman in Australia died from taking Eucalyptus orally which is another oil that is extremely toxic and shouldn’t be taken orally. If you aren’t certified do research and talk to someone that knows the safety of any given oil.

      • Thank you this is very helpful! I encourage everyone to use whatever application is most appropriate, cautioning that ingesting is the most risky form of taking EOs, however is safe when done properly. The information is helpful, thank you for sharing!

  9. Erin says:

    You mention using a carrier oil to dilute your hormone balancer but do not mention using one for your weight loss blend. Do you use a carrier oil for your weight loss blend? And if so, how much do you use?

  10. Have you tried either diffusers or roll on blends for weight loss with any success? I’m not sure I want to take internally–although it may be more effective. I’m taking a few prescriptions that can be affected by your citrus juices and so I would assume EO’s fall in that category.

    • I would be careful taking internally if your medicines are that easily affected. I do know that if EO’s are put on bottom of feet it takes only 20-30 min to reach every cell in the body, so that would likely be safer. Talk to an aromatherapist I’d recommend.

  11. Amy says:

    I love EOs – but please research before consuming them from any company (and I use some from FF as well for diffusion and topical use but I would never ingest them). You really should only ingest them if you are under the guidance of a trained aromatherapist as they are potent medicines. You can also get good safety info from a group like ‘Safe Essential Oil Recipes’ on Facebook. Could save you from hurting your internal organs down the road through ingesting. Just my 2 cents 🙂

    • Amy- thank you for your “two cents”. I have personally contacted FF about the safety of ingesting before I used them that way. I’m limited in that I don’t personally know a trained aroma therapist, so my info comes from asking my sellers and google. That’s why I put a disclaimer in my post. Use at your own risk!!

  12. Bonnie says:

    I’ve recently gotten into making my own skincare products using Fabulous Frannie oils because of their benefits & I am SO excited to try this! I’ve been skeptical of taking them internally, but I have to try this. I feel more confident now knowing how amazing your result have been using the same line of ouls that I use. There’s a few in your recipes that I don’t have, but as soon as I get them…it’s on! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  13. Jan Fox says:

    Do You know if Edens Garden oils as pure as they say, and safe to take 1 – 2 drops in water or use capsule? I was thinking of grapefruit.
    Thank You, Jan

  14. With the weight loss blend how much of that blend do you take 1 to 2x daily? The whole bottle of the blend or just a few drops? Also do you put it in a liquid or just follow it by drinking a liquid a liquid afterwards? Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

    • Firstly you should know I’m not a trained aromatherapist so my knowledge of the safety techniques w oils is very limited. Everyone’s body responds differently to different oils so use at your own risk and pay attention to your responses. I do know when ingesting oils, be sure they are high quality and do it in small amounts. One drop of peppermint oil is supposed to be 75 times as strong as a cup of peppermint tea. And herbal teas are very effective at many things. So 75 times that is insanely strong. W that said, I add a carrier oil to my oils to dilute the intensity. I put mine in an empty capsule I buy on Amazon. Vegetarian capsules size “00”. I fill it two thirds full w dropper and swallow it down w whatever I’m drinking.

  15. Becca says:

    Hey there(: good job on all your progress! I love essential oils and all their great benefits!
    But i just wanted to let you know to be careful when using essential oils with a medicine dropper style cap. if you keep it in there too long the oils will start to deteriorate the rubber on top and make it gummy which ends up ruining the whole batch 😦
    I found it out the hard way and looked it up and it’s actually pretty common
    but other than that! I love this blend and i hope you’re doing well(:

  16. Dione says:

    I’ve been wondering about consuming essential oils. I purchased the Fabulous Frannies oils and on the website the descriptions they say “for external use only”. So I was concerned that these oils should not be taken internally. But I see you do. How do I know they are safe? I realize safety is important and one cannot just consume a bunch of oils, but for instance – can the Lemon Essential Oil be used in a homemade lemonade? I just saw a recipe for this on the Young Living site on facebook and wondered if the Young Living oils are different than the Fabulous Frannies. I was just wondering what your opinion is on the subject. Thanks! Dione

    • Hey dione!

      Excellent questions!! I believe they have to say that to avoid the misuse of the oils, but i communucated w frannie and she said they are safe to ingest a few drops a day. This is completely at your own risk as im not a professional, ive just studied on my own. I do know young living oils are some of the best you can buy but bc this is a pretty unregulated market, FDA isnt very involved, the quality identifiers are pretty much one and only: 100% pure therapeutic grade. That is what you want to look for to make sure it is going to be the most pure essential oil, not diluted or altered. That’s what the fabulous Franny ones are. What makes Young living higher quality is that they are the ones who grow their own plants from the seed, without pesticides, so they are totally organic totally monitored and pure. fabulous Franny gets her oils from a manufacturer but they test every batch of oils they produce for purity. So I’m guessing they are not quite as organic as Young living oils, however I have not noticed a difference between the two in the way that my body responds to them. and fabulous Franny is seriously a fraction of the price of young living. And i have used my oils in cooking quite often without any issues whatsoever. I hope this helps.

    • Dione- sorry its taken me so long to reply. I just saw this! I emailed Frannie about that and she said legally they have to put that as a disclaimer but that generally essential oils are safe to consume, 8-10 drops a day. It is of course at your own risk but ive never had an issue.

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