My hCG Weightloss Diet Journey… Part 2: Week 1 Results!

TOTAL LOST: -5.00 inches and 6.6 pounds!! BMI dropped 1.7 points!
Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Weighed 156.3    Bmi 24.4
Size 13/ large on top
  • Bust: 35.5 in.
  • Waist:  30 in.
  • Hips:  40.5 in.
  • Butt: 44 in.
  • Thighs: 25, 25 in.
  • Arms: 10.75, 10.75 in.
  • Neck: 12.75in.
Followed diet, but ate three egg whites and five small strawberries at midnight because I was pretty hungry.
Day 2: weighed in at 155.2
Followed diet closely and carefully but ate dinner pretty early, at 4:30pm.
Day 3: 151.7 lbs 23.7 bmi
Woke up really shaky bc I ate dinner early yesterday (4:30) and needed a breakfast or sorts.  Ate at 10:30 am and ate 2 egg whites, 15 raspberries, a small celery stick and a Melba toast, and lots of herbal tea. Breakfast is not normal but I couldn’t wait till lunch. This totalled 67 calories.
I cheated a little bit today.  Had breakfast out of necessity, at a couple bites of frozen yogurt and cornbread, and had tiny sips of Powerade and inca cola.  I feel like I’m carrying water weight.  I also “mixed veggies” but not severely.  I had lettuce with the spinach paste that was in my steak.
Day 4: 151.9.  Gained .2 lbs.
Felt a little puffy today.  Going to be stricter today.  I don’t feel shaky so I should be fine this morning.
Today did good following the diet.  Had four egg whites, kale and strawberries for lunch, shrimp, onion, Melba cracker, raspberries and even an apple for dinner bc my calories were so low.  But I did good staying within parameters.
Other notes: spotted quite a bit yesterday, ovulation.  Can tell it’s affecting my hormones some from that.
Drank about 72 oz of water/tea plus a cup of coffee w a splash of milk.
Day 5: 151.0 lbs
felt a little puffy again.  Working to get more water in me today.
Have been continuing to spot due to hCG drops affecting hormones.
Drank water today more sufficiently.  So energized throughout the day but stomach was hurting from hunger before dinner. Wish my appetite was less.
Had a mandarin orange before bed plus hot tea.  Helped a little.
Day 6:  150.1 lb
Best dinner YET!!
Chicken breast seasoned with salat pepper cinnamon and cardamom.
Broccoli seasoned with salt pepper garlic onion powder
Apple chopped, tossed in cinnamon, splash of vanilla, stevia, microwaved to be like apple pie.
Day 7: Bmi 22.6
Ate diet-appropriate all day.
Day 8: 149.7 lb bmi 22.7
Not sure why I’m up today.  Except possibly I had used fat free half and half twice yesterday, I ate egg whites and chicken so maybe two of the same meat might have done something, and for dinner I had grape tomatoes with an apple instead of treating tomatoes like a fruit.  Might have been too much fruit.  I drank plenty of fluids yesterday though.  Also took my HCG drops like two hours before eating dinner, not sure if that put it too far away from my eating and messed up the time?  Not sure.  Still in my 140’s so I’m still happy but need to get strict again today.
After a long first week, this is my final results!!
Bust:35.5  (same, I prayed my chest wouldn’t shrink with the weightloss.  After nursing four kids, that could get depressing. 😉 )
Waist: 28.75.   -1.25 inches
hips: 39.25.     -1.25
Butt:43.25.      -.75
Lthigh: 24.25.  -.75
Rthigh: 24.25.  -.75
Arms: 10.75
Neck:12.5.       -.25
TOTAL LOST:  -5.00 inches and 6.6 pounds!!  BMI dropped 1.7 points!


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