HCG diet journey: week 3 results (pms cravings and cheat meals!)

Day 1: 146.6Weight is up bc I had a cheat meal last night at chuckee cheese.  Ate two tiny pieces of pizza and had a small slice of pumpkin pie when I got home.  
Day 2: 149.9

Not sure why my weight is so high but I’m bout to start my period, and I feel extremely water heavy.  Puffy.  I didn’t drink enough water yesterday and I made a soup for myself with lean beef ribs (leftovers), celery, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, greens, and apples in it.  Possibly the mixed veggies could have tripped my body out.  Going to eat as good as possible today even though I’m leaving town.  


Day 3 & 4: out of town

  • Ate primarily salads, beef jerky, egg whites, and for one meal I ordered a sugar free peppermint mocha latte w pumpkin bread.  It messed my stomach up some but was mostly ok.  Also walked a lot that day so I think it balanced.  
  • Came home and weight was downto 147.4 before bed. 
  • Great news: while shopping, i normally wear a 12/13 in pants, bought two new pants in a size ten that fit great!  I have also been wearing size LARGE on top, but bought a vest and the LARGE size tag makes it actually too big.  Love when weight loss affects how your clothes fit!

Day 5: 149.3 

Feeling very heavy w water.  Weird to weigh more in the morning but I also didn’t get much sleep due to my 3 am arrival home. :). Going to pick up again maybe on day 1 of week four.  
Day 6: 145.1

Doing an apple day to try to regulate my water weight 
Day 7: 145.5 lbs

Weight being so weird. 


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