hCG Diet Journey: Week 5… New Photos!!!

New before and After photos! So excited for the progress I’m experiencing!!  I’m 15 lbs down, only ten to go!!  I have lost over 14 inches now!!  HURRAY!!!!!
Processed with Moldiv

30 days on hCG diet.  Down 15 lbs and 14 inches!

Day 1: 142.7 
I think those Doritos yesterday put my water high.  🙂  Oops!!  Don’t Cheat…don’t cheat!
Day 2: 141.8
Decided to measure today to see progress! Again, so encouraging!!
Bust:  35
Waist:  28
Hips: 37.5
butt: 41.5
Thighs: 23.5, 23.5
Neck: 12.25
Compared to last measure: -4.5 inches, -5.2 lbs
Day 3: 142.5
Day 4: 142.4
Plateauing from period coming.
Eating lots of salads!!!  They are so good!!!
Day 5:  141.5
Started period tonight, plateau makes sense.
Delicious salads again!!!  Ate dinner at Cheddars tonight.  Ate half an 8 oz steak, steamed broccoli, and drank water and decaf coffee.  Was delicious.  When you go out to eat, most places you can specify to cook without butter.  I think my waitress forgot that last night because my steak was definitely buttered, but it was SO GOOD I just waved my hand over it like some magic gesture that will eliminate the calories.  🙂  It was a good dinner though.  Pappadeaux was really good about grilling without butter.  Just double check with your waitress.
Day 6: 141.9
Weight plateauing prob from period.
Went shopping yesterday and found that I’m down from a size 13, put on size 11 jeans, and they were even too big.  I am in a 9 now!!! Hurray!!!  I also had been wearing size Large shirts, and was finding that Mediums and Smalls were fitting me much better than the Larges!!  Hooray for success!! Celebrate the victories!!!!  If you’re losing weight, reward yourself with a new piece of clothing.  Success comes when we celebrate the labors!  If you are on this weight-loss journey with me, or considering joining, I encourage you to do it.  You can do it!  As you can see there will be some imperfect days, but the consistency of good CHOICES will bring you the reward you are looking for!!

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