Great news to share!!!

I have exciting news!

I mean, after ten years of raising little ones, this is pretty life-shifting for me! It marks a new season, it marks a new phase, and I realized I hadn’t shared the excitingness with you yet, my sweet blog friends!  So, read on, as I share my happy celebration with you!

I was recently suggested to apply to be a Personal Stylist with a company called Stitch Fix; a company I was completely ignorant of at that point.

So, I did a little looksy looksy online and found out that this is a company who styles people through the internet and mail! What?!  That’s a thing?!  The more I read, the more convinced I was that this is a job that was seriously designed with me in mind!  I already style my friends without asking their permission when we are out shopping. 🙂  I also have taught a few fashion and learn-to-dress-yourself classes at the request of people who were interested, and already am a go-to-fashion advisor for a few people I know personally.  Well, why WOULDN’T I apply to do this and get paid?!  Its a no brainer.  🙂

So I travelled to Austin, had a wonderful time with a friend of mine, interviewed with Stitchfix and found out a few weeks later:



I GOT THE JOB!!! (Doing a happy Dance!!)

Ok for real, you have no idea!  I have been in my house raising sweet precious boys for ten years now, and I have been praying that whole time for a job I could do from home, that I would enjoy, so I could help financially, but also just to have something other than parenting I could put my energy into.  Some mommas need that.   I am a Pastor, and have been for years which I have LOVED, but unpaid since my husband is the one on payroll.  I wanted to contribute financially!  So, getting this job is a huge life-shift for me.  I get to help out!  I get to do something I love!  I’m officially not a mom of toddlers anymore (well, I kind of knew that already)!!  This is kind of a big deal for me.

So, I thought I would share this news with you, my sweet blogging family; and in case you were like me and didn’t know what Stitch Fix is, share the brilliance of this company with you!  What celebration is complete with out sharing it with others?!  So, that’s my news.  🙂  I’m so thankful to the Lord for providing a job which is so perfectly tailored to my life and loves!  If you’re actually interested in learning what this company is and how it works, read on.  I am not making a sales pitch as I am not responsible for building my own clientele, I just thought it is so cool and helps so many people out, I wanted to share it in case you’d benefit from the service.  🙂

Here are some Austin-road-trip photos for you to look at and imagine you came with us.  🙂  That would have been lovely.


Hitting the road with Jackie!


Oh, but gotta stop at Panera for lunch first 😉


Coming into Houston.


Her first trip to Bucees!


Supa-model status


Driver status


Our awesome quarters for the night. We slept in the same room that has hosted Georgian Banov and his wife. Anointing!!


Outfit dilemmas for my interview. I ended up combining them.


Stitch Fix Headquarters!


In the heart of Austin… Hi state capitol building!


We lived on Bucees Salads!


This was my splurge from my hCG diet on this trip!


Sugar-free Peppermint Mocha with a slice of Pumpkin loaf bread!


Chilling at the San Marcos Tanger Outlet! It was enormous!


What fun is a girl’s trip without shopping?!


Can’t go to Bucees and not kiss a beaver!


Or hug a hundred…


Aw snap! Got pulled over at 2 am after four hours of driving, within five minutes of Jackie’s house. I prayed for favor and grace like a crazy woman! He let me off with a warning. #jesusreallylovesme #dontspeedevenwhendelirious


Curious about Stitch-Fix?  It’s simple and BRILLIANT!

If any of you hate to shop, don’t have time to shop, don’t know how to shop or just want someone else to do the thinking and leg work for you, this company might be a convenient membership for you to consider!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You go to, fill out a profile which gives you the opportunity to specify your body shape, age, career, clothing preferences, approximate measurements, and a bunch of other helpful information so your Stylist will know exactly HOW to dress you.
  2. You schedule your fix from a variety of timing options from once every couple weeks to once every few months.
  3. For each fix you pay a small $20 styling fee, but this fee goes toward whatever clothes you choose to keep that are sent to you!  Amazing!
  4. Your stylist works her magic, and chooses FIVE pieces for you, and includes an instruction/idea card on how you might put these pieces together for some amazingly stylish combos!
  5. Your Fix arrives in the mail, and you keep whatever pieces you love and send back in the included paid return envelope whatever pieces you don’t plan to keep.
  6. A PERK!  If you keep all five pieces, you save 25% of your total!!  That’s amazing!!  I think this is such a great deal!!
  7. Voila!!  You have great new clothes to choose from, and you didn’t have to shop for OR choose them!  And how fun it can be when someone else chooses your clothes, you can end up with some ideas you might never come up with yourself!

Isn’t this so brilliant?!  I’m thankful I don’t have to build my own clientele, but I wanted to share this with ya’ll for anyone who was like me and didn’t know this brilliance existed!  And, if you DO decide to sign up with Stich Fix, you actually CAN request me as your stylist in your notes if you prefer.  🙂  Just sayin’… our beautiful relationship can continue on in other world-wide-web capacities…I know, I know, now your dreams are coming true, right? 😉

That’s it!  Its brilliant, simple, and who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?!

Until next time!  Love ya’ll!!  Thanks for celebrating with me!



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