10 Easy Ways to Beat Flu Season

It’s here. Flu season has been like its own crazy monster this year… picking people off one at a time. And for those of us with, oh I don’t know, a LIFE, we do our best to avoid the perils of getting sick. Keeping ourselves, or even tougher, our KIDS, healthy during flu season can be a challenge. When my youngest started complaining of a tummy ache before school today, I found myself reaching for my Old Faithfuls in my repertoire immune boosting go-to’s, and thought I’d share in case you’d benefit from some of these easy-to-find tools. These can all be found at either your local grocery store or Amazon, and with two day shipping, you can’t beat it! My suggestion is to grab some of these before things get crazy and make regular use of them to keep immune systems strong all season long! Prayers for the health of you and your loved ones!

1. Coconut oil in the nose! Your nose is a filter that breathes in every air born bacteria you can imagine. Swabbing with coconut oil kills bacteria, viruses and fungus of countless kinds, helping to slow and even deter the negative affects if any of them were to make it into your system.  I like to buy mine at my local grocery store, or you can get it on Amazon too.

2. Essential oils! Most any pure essential oil will serve to boost your immune system because they are molecularly identical to your white blood cells… those little soldiers in your body that fight off infection and disease. So, it’s like an instant immune boost! Citrus (lemon, grapefruit, orange), Lavender and Thieves oils are all amazing for the immune system. Diffuse them in the air, wear a diffuser necklace, rub on the bottoms of your feet or take orally in capsules (at your own risk, always diluted with carrier oil). I’ve taken mine orally for years, but have encountered various opinions on that one, so seek out professional advice if you want to go that route. Any way you use them, essential oils when used properly can only benefit your health and strengthen your immune system!  One of my favorite brands is actually “Fabulous Frannie”… it’s a smaller company but they have proven to be great quality over the years with great prices.

3. Myrrh extract. This one I learned after a visit to my Naturopath Doctor when I was dealing with some physical ailments. Turns out Myrrh is incredible for fighting viruses specifically! This one I found at my local HEB grocery store (try your local Whole Foods, Basic Foods or Amazon too) and it can be consumed orally mixed into juice. It’s STRONG though and will burn your throat when taken undiluted… not that I know from experience or anything 😳🤦🏻‍♀️. Be sure it’s mixed with juice!

4. Black Elderberry Extract. Elderberry is another of nature’s immune boosters! It’s technically a fruit, but is incredibly tart and best for taking in extract form (or tablets as you’ll see below). Mix it with juice for easy consumption!

5. Probiotics!! Did you know that your gut health (I.e. digestive system) is the biggest factor in your immune system?! It regulates your entire system, so keeping it in balanced, working order is essential to remaining healthy. Probiotics basically boost the good bacteria so they can keep the bad bacteria in check. It really helps if you have digestive issues or have recently taken antibiotics to rebalance things.  I buy mine at my local HEB grocery store, in the refrigerated section.  Look for something that’s no less than 20Billion for a truly effective result.  Children would need smaller doses;  sometimes I’ll open these capsules and poor them into the smoothies I make them for an added health boost.

6. Matcha!!! Matcha tea, matcha smoothies, matcha pancakes… heck you can even have matcha added to your favorite Starbucks drink! (Although I don’t recommend theirs bc it’s loaded with sugar which cripples your immune system– we’re trying to get healthy remember?? 😊). Matcha is a ground up form of whole green tea leaves, and is thus ten times more potent than green tea. It has a bit of a grassy taste, but can easily be blended with another fruity tea to disguise the flavor, or made into a creamy latte with almond milk. Don’t mix it with cow’s milk as the calcium in cows milk neutralizes the absorption of many of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants in matcha. I like to add a splash of almond milk, some vanilla and stevia and froth it up! (Pictured below is just plain tea, not made into a latte.)

7. Hand sanitizer!! I hate to be obvious, but if we are gonna be obvious, let’s be cute and smell good too! Hand sanitizer before and after grocery shopping or being in public or shaking lots of hands is always a great idea. Clip a cute one on your kiddos lunch kit for extra “germ free” insurance. Mine were purchased at Bath and Body Works.

8. Epsom salts for a cozy bath. Epsom salts are an incredibly cheap way to treat yourself good! Pour a cupful into a hot bath and soak for twenty minutes to draw toxins out of your system and soften your skin. It also relieves pain and muscle cramps, eases stress and tension, which all weaken the immune system. Finding salts with activated charcoal only heightens the benefits since charcoal is also a toxin binding agent drawing them out of the body.

9. EMERGEN-C packets!! We swear by these. My boys take them almost daily and enjoy the regular boost from them. When I feel my body fighting something I take 2-3 of these a day and usually can avoid developing anything. A friend had a college roommate who took them daily and was never sick… all four years of college. They’re legit! The incredible dosage of vitamins as well as the variety of flavors and even ones with a sleep aid makes them super beneficial and great to keep on hand and in your purse always!

10. Sambucol tablets. These are a dissolvable homeopathic (drug free) solution for shortening the lifespan of a cold or flu and for keeping your immune system built. Right now they are sold out everywhere across the nation because the distributors can’t keep up with the demand. This is evidence to their effectiveness! With all the benefits of elderberry and the ease of a dissolvable tablet, I gave these to my boys at Christmas this year when my oldest returned from Disney with a hiiiiigh fever, presumably the flu that was going around. None of his brothers picked it up (which was also the result of this Mama crazy-praying!).

I hope these have been some helpful tips!!! Also, keep in mind to keep sugars to a minimum as it only takes one teaspoon of sugar to deplete your immune system for four hours. Here’s to you and your loved ones staying healthy!!!

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