Podcast Ep. #1: Introducing Jen!

Hi There!!

I’m so glad you stopped by, whether you found my blog and are now headed to my podcast, or vice-versa, this is the spot for photos and any necessary links associated with today’s show.  In today’s show, I introduced myself and the heart behind “Java with Jen” as a place for real, authentic, encouraging nuggets for life…sprinkled in with some “life hacks” for making your life a little easier!  I’ll be having guests on the show, as well as doing solo episodes where I just keep it real, raw, and genuine, hoping to encourage you in the process. Whether you’re a mom of littles, a college student, one of my kind gentleman listeners, a fashionista, a Pastor’s wife trying to juggle home and ministry, there’s so much to learn and we need to find people that will be a voice of life to us in our daily challenges.  I hope to bring strength, encouragement and what bits of wisdom I’ve gleaned from life, as well as really awesome guests whose stories will no doubt inspire you.

Today I shared in the episode about my life as a Pastor, as a mom of four boys, and my job as a professional fashion stylist and how the Lord placed me into that industry.  I share my heart behind starting this podcast and what you’ll find here at Java with Jen.  I alluded to my newest journey of being a fashion blogger on Instagram and welcome you to come follow my little tribe over there so we can be friends in social media space too!  I also mentioned how much I want to hear from YOU!  I want to hear questions, hear about your life and the challenges you face, hear your feedback on how episodes have encouraged you, and I’d love to hear that you’ve shared episodes with friends who you thought might be encouraged by what is brought to you on Java with Jen.

Here’s some photos as I introduced my little family, my husband is Stephen, my boys Judah, Levi, Benjamin and Shiloh.  You’ll hear about them and maybe from them in tell-all episodes too! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope this show was an encouragement to you and I hope you’ll subscribe so you can catch all the new content!  Until next time… you’ve got this! And God’s got you!


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