Ep. 4: Life Giving Discipline… conversation with Jen

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Episode #4: Life Giving Discipline, Conversations with Jen

Discipline is a topic all parents scratch their heads over at some point, and for any parent can feel overwhelming and frustrating. In today’s episode I pull together some of my thoughts and lessons I’ve learned over the years that have helped us have a more positive experience in parenting, and help alleviate a sense of “bullying” or “shaming” and replace it with drawing boundaries, constructive correction and encouragement that leaves your child with hope. These are not the end-all principles you’ll ever need, but I hope they can help enhance your parenting experience, and I’ve included some resources below that can also support your parenting journey if you wanted more direction.

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Shepherding your child’s heart” by Ted Tripp

Discipline that Connects” by Jim & Lynne Jackson

Loving our Kids on Purpose” Danny Silk

Training Focused: 

Toddlers: “Toddler Wise: parenting your 12-18 month old

Children Age: “Child Wise: Parenting your Child 3-7 years old

Pre-Teen: “Pre Teen Wise: Parenting your child from 8-12 years old”

I’ll add more to this list as I think of more that’ll be valuable to you!

The pictures below were taken this Christmas at our church holiday party, and our family night purchasing Christmas ornaments, and decorating our tree.  Confession: even though the pics look all happy, we had to correct our boys when we got home for some rude, bickering behavior, so the training never ends. LOL!  But we still had a great time. 🙂  Life lesson: learning that no family time is fully smooth, or fully without correction, but we can still have a good time regardless, especially when the correction is followed with affirmation and love!

This was our first ornament we ever made married, back in 2005. 🙂

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