Ep6: Dealing with Discouragement, A Conversation with Natalie Gilday & Jen

Are you disappointed or discouraged over a situation, relationship, or sudden loss, and eager to learn how to get your hope back? In this episode my long-time friend Natalie Gilday and I share how we have learned to walk through disappointment with a heart that is able to return to strength and hope… including my story about how we lost everything we owned and loved (our brand new home and all our belongings) in Hurricane Harvey and how the Lord enabled my perspective to keep me encouraged through the midst of it! AaaaaND because she is a songbird, we MIGHT have recorded a special song at the end to share just with ya’ll! (Ok, we both love to sing and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it together!). Our hope is after today’s conversation you’ll feel empowered with some new ways to approach difficult situations that’ll infuse you with more hope and less discouragement. Be sure to pass this along to someone you feel could identify, or could use a little dose of encouragement, and thanks for joining me at Java with Jen today!

Important Links:

  • Natalie’s tea company, Honey and Tea   ; You can sign up to try her tea cleanse to get your year started on a healthy detoxed foot! (I’ve done it and it’s so great!)
  • Try Stitch Fix and request me to style you! My personal link gives you $25 toward your first box too, so it’s a win-win! 

I thought I’d include some fun pictures of her visit!  We don’t have a lot of links for you from today’s show, so I wanted to give you a sneak peek into our time together, the first time we’ve seen each other in 14 years!

Breakfast together on her last day with us.

I had fun styling her to look adorbs on Thanksgiving in the dress she found when we were shopping!  She is wearing my shoes, tights, cardigan, necklace and purse LOL!  Good thing we’re about the same size!  The shoes are Nautica brand, tights I think from Ross, the cardigan is from StitchFix!  (I included my referral link to Stitch Fix for you, which gives you a $25 gift to get started, request me to style you!)

Her rockin’ my sunglasses!  The one’s she’s wearing are from Ross, and the ones I’m wearing are from Nordstrom.

She and Baby Violet, who we all fell in love with!

The sassiest preggo you’ve ever seen! 😉

We were trying to find her something for Christmas… ended up tracking down a great pencil skirt and blouse at Burlington.

All my boys having fun with Violet and Natalie outdoors!

Don’t let her face fool you, she loved the boys. 😀

See?  It was love all around. 🙂

Even Stephen got in on the snuggles.  (I’m convinced babies are therapy for him lol)

Natalie joined me for late night black Friday shopping with my friend Becky, and we all came and ate pizza and chatted till 2 am afterwards!  We had a blast.

Levi exercised his babysitting muscles with Violet and helped feed her, change her and put her to bed while we shopped, so Natalie took him to breakfast with us on her last morning here.  We miss them terribly!!


(intro/outro music credit: Bensound)
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