Ep8- “Daring to Dream”, with Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew

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Hey folks!!

I’ve been super excited to share today’s episode with you!! I had the unexpected privilege of meeting Manwell Reyes through the great platform of Instagram stories and he agreed to record a podcast with me, and let me tell you, it’s gold!!

Some of you may know him as the former lead singer of Group 1 Crew, or for his role in the “Mom’s Night Out” movie, and some of you may know him for his fabulous Comedian wife, Anjelah Johnson. (Bon Qui-Qui, anyone?). He has a track record of dreaming big, shooting for the stars and accomplishing all he sets out to do. In this episode, he unleashes his passion for helping others realize and chase after their dreams, something we ALL can relate to having!


Go check him out on his new podcast called “Nights at the Round Table; the very round table”

And go follow him on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/manwellreyes/