Give Your Closet the Post-Quarantine Clean Out!

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A new season is a great time to evaluate the wardrobe and give it a fine-tune.  Clearing out the clutter, getting rid of what doesn’t fit, what you don’t love and organizing what’s left is a great way to create all sorts of new options you didn’t know you had.
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if it doesn’t bring you joy, doesn’t fit, doesn’t flatter or needs to be replaced, get rid of it!

Keep the classic pieces that never go out of style (think leather jacket, black pumps, white blouse, etc) and if it’s a piece that can be worn 3-4 different ways with what’s in your wardrobe, it’s a versatile keeper!

Have fun getting your wardrobe on track and ready for the spring!

Spring is Here… and My Closet Needs HALP!!!

Tips for Closet Clean out:

  1. Sort your clothes!  (Below is how I sort mine, but you might find some tweaks are better for you).
    • Make Four Piles:
      • Keep
      • Sell/Give
      • Tailor
      • Trash
    • Get rid of what Doesn’t FitDoesn’t Flatter, or is Out of Style.
      • If it’s a highly versatile, expensive piece and can be tailored, set it aside and make a plan to get it tailored in the next two weeks!
  2. Use the thin, velvet hangers to save space and keep your clothes from falling… they’re genius!  I typically get mine at Ross but they have them on Amazon too.
  3. Organize by clothing type, each type by sleeve length, and arrange each sleeve length by color.
    1. Casual shirts
      • Layering tanks  (Use this kind of hanger to keep them from taking up too much space)
      • Sleeveless
      • Short Sleeved
      • Long sleeved
    2. Nice Shirts  
      • Sleeveless
      • Short Sleeved
      • Long sleeved
    3. Pullover Sweaters (Seasonal: can be folded or put in another closet when not relevant)
    4. Second Layers. (Season specific coats can be put in another closet too).
      • Kimonos/Lightweight outer layers
      • Cardigans
      • Denim jackets
      • Leather jackets
      • Blazers
      • Long Coats hang with dresses.
    5. Long Outer Layers 
      • Kimonos
      • Duster cardigans
      • Long lightweight jackets like trench coats
    6. Dresses
      • Short dresses
      • Long dresses
      • Formal/Special Occasion Dresses (these can also be put in a garment bag in another closet or to the back of the rack).
    7. Bottoms- Hang vertically to save space with these hangers
      • Skirts
      • Pants
      • Jeans (if hung)
    8. Shoes by Type– Store where relevant; stack flats if needed
      • Boots
      • Booties
      • Heels/Wedges
      • Sandals
      • Flats
      • Sneakers

Resources To Help Your Clean Out

Organization is rewarding, but having the right tools helps make it a smoother process.  Here are some resources to help you out…

I hope these are a helpful place to start!  Talk with you soon!



(This Blogpost was originally an email to my clients, if you’d like to join my email list to get resources directly to your inbox, go here.)

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