Ep. 49: Being a Feeler is Your Superpower! w/Yvonne Repel

Feelers unite!  It can be tough to be a feeler.  You walk into a room full of people and suddenly it’s like you stepped into an emotional field of landmines, picking up on people’s happy, sad, mad, and glad.  All the feelers know the exhaustion that comes from having emotional antennas that are constantly sensing the invisible climate of a space, and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s you, and what’s the guy next to you.  Today’s guest, Yvonne, shares how this wiring is beautiful, from God, and can be a vehicle to hear his voice and have the ability to speak truth to the hearts of people in a unique and powerful way. It’s also a superpower that can enable you to then SHIFT an atmosphere intentionally.  If you’re a feeler, you’ll appreciate this episode. If you’re NOT a feeler, you might have a little more empathy for the feelers around you!  Share this episode with the feelers you know!  (Or the thinkers who need help understanding you a little better 😉 )

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