Is Private School Right for Your Family?

Students enjoying hands-on learning in science class with partnered science experiments.
(Photos taken with permission from the CCS Facebook page)

In 2020, America’s parents were forced to take up a homeschooling career they didn’t plan for.  And while many parents found that they excelled at it and are choosing to continue that path, schooling is a top need and concern for the rest of our parents in light of all the ways Covid19 changed our routines and lives.  Parents want a school environment that offers stability, safety, a nurturing environment and quality, traditional education that’s prepared for an advancing world built on faith and family values.  This is causing many to turn to alternative schooling options: and that’s where private schools arrive on the scene in a triumphant way.  

In our very own community is a stellar private school that has stood the test of time, educating Orange’s children K-12th grade for the last 40 years.  The children who have come through Community Christian School are now our community leaders, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and ministers.  However, Community faced a scare following the pandemic and Hurricane Laura, and their future was uncertain as many businesses and schools experienced, but they were able to pull through and have emerged with a fresh face and renewed accreditation, (internationally recognized school credits for courses taken) which is not offered at all private schools, setting them above their competitors.  Visit CCS Website!

Mrs. Loretta Goericke is the school’s new Principal who moved here in the middle of the pandemic to get it through its toughest season, and she succeeded profoundly.  Loretta tells us the unusual story of how she came to Community.  “I was tiling the floor in the home I planned to retire in, and I heard the Lord speak to me, “You’re done here, and you’re moving to Orange.””  Loretta had no idea where Orange was, or that her long time friend Loyd Thurman had just accepted the Senior Pastor position at Community Church which oversees the school.  She responded in prayer, “Lord, you know I’ll obey you, but I won’t put out resumes or look for a job because I don’t even know where Orange is or what you’re asking of me.  But if I’m to move, you’ll need to have my new job call me.”  Two weeks later, Pastor Thurman called her and asked her to take the Head-of-School position at Community Christian.  Her mouth dropped open as she confidently said yes, and the rest is history!  With a Principal who carries a calling and mandate for her role, she has seen God do powerful things on behalf of the school, faculty and students.  

For Enrollment inquiries, visit

Enrollment for Kindergarten through 12th Grade is currently open for Community Christian and welcomes new families with open arms.  Despite the many changes in our current American culture, Community maintains a solid stance in traditional faith and family values, undergirded by a Biblical and challenging curriculum with a firm view to character development and college success.  Juniors and Seniors have an academic advantage when they enroll in dual-credit courses for a head start on their college education, graduating high school with {up to} 24 college credit hours.  

As far as Covid restrictions are concerned, the school takes a healthy and self-managed approach allowing for optional mask use, frequent hand washing and sanitation practices.  Further information on Covid protocols can be requested by emailing the school at .  

Jr. High boys getting to enjoy some bunnies during a special class activity.

CCS believes in the crucial role of family, and because of this have a firm homework policy to protect family time in the evenings, as well as continuous parent-teacher communication.  

Private school gives students the best of educational options as they receive the socialization, sports and extra-curricular activities that a traditional school would offer, while the smaller classrooms of 8-15 students and personalized teacher attention gives the emotional and academic advantages that private schools are preferred for.  CCS enrollees are met at the place of their unique academic level through both special-needs and advanced learning opportunities.  They can earn the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor’s Society merit which is a major player for college scholarships. Speech therapy is also available for children who need the extra support.

Girl’s track and field.

Speaking of sports, CCS currently has teams in Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Track & Field, Cross Country & Golf for your budding athlete.  Football has been a major part of their sports engagement in the past, and is in the works for the school’s future as new athletes enroll, potentially starting with a Junior High team this fall.  Their elective options are always growing, and they currently offer art & theatre with an eye toward a future band class.

Quality teachers are the life-blood of any school, and all instructors employed by CCS have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and are state or ACSI teacher certified for a quality education.  Community Christian School does not build its curriculum around standardized testing, however they do offer Stanford Tests to evaluate academic progress and PSAT testing to ensure their students are ready for college course work.   

CCS is proud of their alumni who have gone on to achieve great success in government, ministry, medical and all walks of life.  From lawyers, to published authors, doctors and CEO’s, their graduates are leaders who leave a mark with both their accomplishments and their character.

For further information about how to enroll your child in Community Christian School, please visit their website at  to fill out a new student inquiry and set up an interview.  

For parents looking to ditch the daycare dilemma, childcare or Pre-K options for ages 5 months-5 years are available as well. Please email with inquiries or visit . 

Preschool and Day Care provided as well!
CCS looks forward to bringing football back to their sports lineup soon!

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