Java with Jen Season 3 Launches THIS WEEK!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Season 3 is here and starts with a bang & some exciting announcements!

Look for this artwork for Season 3!

Are you ready to see your walk with Jesus take a major leap forward? Good. This is for you!

Summer has a way of throwing our lives into the “nuts” zone, but it passed quickly, and Season 3 is officially arrived with some fiery, explosive episodes to fill your soul with encouragement, a challenge to dig deeper with the Lord and launch more powerfully into your next season with Him!

Season 3, episode 1 is a guest episode with my dear friend Tiffany Tombre who has such an anointing for radical faith & obedience on her life. The miracles they see on a regular basis, as we do in our family too, is such an inspiring, challenging and invigorating testimony to my own faith, so I thought I’d bring her on to share her story and voice with you! Be sure you stay tuned when the episode goes live THIS THURSDAY AUGUST 19th and be prepared for your Spirit to get a major shot of faith and courage for the challenges you may be facing in your own life.

In the episode we cover three simple ways you can grow into a more-miracles lifestyle, with an exciting collection of stories and testimonies from our own experiences together. This episode will build your faith, energize your soul and challenge you to press into the “MORE” that God has for all of us in this Christian journey. See you on August 19th!

As I relaunch the show, your support on social platforms is SUCH a load-lifter for me in getting the word out! Could you share on social any episodes you’ve enjoyed, any episodes that come out in the days ahead, and even spread the word among your friends? The hardest part about reaching people is simply connecting this content to those people. YOU are the greatest way that happens. Thank you so much and as always, come follow me on instagram @javawithjen and on facebook at @javawithjenpodcast to stay up with the latest updates! (It also makes for easier sharing and tagging!). See you in your headphones very soon, and reach out on either of those platforms if you have any questions or feedback for me! Love you!

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Published by Jenilee Samuel

Hi and welcome! I’m Jenilee Samuel, CEO and Founder of J. Samuel Styling, and Java with Jen Podcast. They’re two separate entities but both equally a part of my heart, so you’ll find them both on my site! At J. Samuel Styling, I’m a wardrobe stylist with almost a decade of experience helping over 8200 women look and feel amazing in their clothes! I love to help ladies who are frustrated with their style, find their inner fashionista and bring her forward in a way that suits her lifestyle. I do this through Closet Edits (Makeovers), Virtual Styling, Personal Shopping and One-on-One Consultations. As for the Java with Jen Podcast you can find out more on the menu. It’s a hair down, coffee in hand kind of space! If you want some deep soul refreshing and are a person of faith, you’ll find your spirit, heart and mind renewed and invigorated with the topics we cover on the Java with Jen Podcast. My goal is to help women realize that they are ENOUGH, that Jesus is wild about them, and how to hear his voice to deepen their relationship with him. Java with Jen is on Instagram too!

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