J. Samuel Styling

Hi there, and welcome!

I am a personal Wardrobe Consultant and Stylist, and would love to help you with your style needs!



  I worked as a free-lance stylist for a couple years to learn the ropes, and then for 3 years as a Stylist with Stitch Fix, styling and building relationships with over 8,000 men & women during that time!  I’ve styled petites to big-and-tall, teenagers to 80 year olds, and everything in between!  I’ve styled folks for special events like speaking engagements, video projects and weddings, and for careers varying from stay-at-home-mom to news anchors, lawyers and actors!  When I left Stitch Fix, it was on a positive note as I simply wanted to pursue more hands-on styling within my community and in more varied settings.



My vision is simple:

To help you find the style you love & boost your confidence doing it!

I offer a variety of services, which you’ll find carefully laid out in this services menu.  Feel free to contact me for a personalized quote!