Ep. 57- How to Get the Word of God in your kid’s Hearts and Minds

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We all want our kids to grow up to be godly and full of character… but how do we do that??

The word of God is the X factor when it comes to this, so in this episode we dive into how to get the Word of God into your kids hearts in an Uber practical way. Get ready, these tips are simple and super applicable… your family life could change even TODAY.

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My youngest, Shiloh, is currently 9!


Romans 10:17

Deuteronomy 5:32-33; 6:5-9

  1. Everything has a price… What price are you willing to pay (comfort, convenience, time, etc) to get the word of God in your kid’s hearts? 

2.  What Goes in will come out.  You will reap what you sow.  PUT IN the Word of God if you want to reap godly character in your children. 

3. As parents, we must model a lifestyle built on the word of God. 

-Example of my mom who was transformed by the word of God; Dad who had morning quiet times in the word; Your kids need to see your process of being changed by the word of God.  


1. Memorize scripture through  phrase-upon-phrase repetition during built in times like meal times, nap time, bedtime.  

2. Rules and boundaries at home need to be built around the word of God, and the kids need to know this. 

3.  Word of God is useful for correcting, rebuking, edifying, etc.  Use the word of God as kind guidance in the discipline moments with your children.  They need to see your reasoning comes from the word. 

4.  Write it on surfaces around the house.  Mirrors, wall hangings, hung on fridge, etc. 

5. Family Time where you read the word of God; ask what it means to them, have them imagine it. What does this tell us about God. What does it tell you about yourself? How can this change your life?

6.  Listen to the word of God in your car! If you’re listening, pull them in on it. 

7.  Talk about life situations. Ask thought provoking questions.  Ask if a scripture might apply.

 8.  Share what you’re learning from the Word. 

9. Discuss what you saw in a movie, the messaging, and how it compares to the Word of God. 

10.  Regulate other voices going in through entertainment, peers, social media, music, etc.  What goes in, comes out.  

11.  When there’s behavioral issues, it’s a thinking problem.  There are lies present in their thinking somewhere.  So bring correction by having them look up scriptures that are relevant to this area of struggle.


Younger Kids: 

-Superbook App   

-Minno Kids app  

-Bible App

Older Kids: -Watch the show “the Chosen” through the App Store. 

-Bible time with You. They still crave connection. 

-Youversion App- Plans you can do together. 

-Memory Verses: “Fighter Verses” App & “Scripture Typer” app

-Instagram devotions: Follow @Pocketfuel (if they’re on social media already)

-Have them create their own devotional content on social.

-Text A Verse to them daily from your devo time!

-Daily Bible Inspiration App

This was in 2017 during a Hurricane Evacuation. They’re all so much older now! 😦

Ep. 53: How to Share your Faith in the Workplace (and not be a weirdo!) w/Katie Axelson

Katie Axelson in all her coffee glory!

Most Christians feel the tension and responsibility of sharing their faith, but often don’t for fear of doing it poorly, or coming off as an un-relevant weirdo.  Today’s guest, Katie Axelson from the “Have Hope will Travel” podcast, shares how she does that and has done that effectively, as well as some of the lessons she’s learned on how NOT to share your faith at work, or in a secular environment.  

Katie Axelson is an author, speaker, and pastor who loves to link arms with women and help them draw closer to Jesus. She’s the host of Have Hope; Will Travel podcast where she celebrates differences and learns to love people well. You can find her at KatieAxelson.com, on Instagram @KatieAxelson, and on Facebook Katie Axelson Writer.

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Ep. 51- Change your Life by Speaking Life with Sherry Jones

Did you know you could change your whole life by changing the way you speak? It’s true. Science verifies this, scripture teaches this, and today, Sherry Jones explains this! Don’t forget to check her out on: FACEBOOKHER INSTAGRAMPODCAST INSTAGRAMPODCAST, and her WEBSITE.  Listen below!

Ep 50! Breaking Free of Emotional Eating w/Melissa Rholfs

People don’t often think emotional eating and your spiritual life could be connected, but they often are!  Melissa Rohlfe is a health and life coach who shares with us how to identify the red flags of emotional eating, why we get pulled into it, what impact in can have on your body and how it can even affect your spiritual life.  In true Jen-style, we get practical, while keeping you inspired and challenged.  Share this with someone who you feel may connect with this topic, and enjoy!  Check out her links if you’d like to connect with her on FacebookInstagram, or check into her coaching programs.    

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Ep. 49: Being a Feeler is Your Superpower! w/Yvonne Repel

Feelers unite!  It can be tough to be a feeler.  You walk into a room full of people and suddenly it’s like you stepped into an emotional field of landmines, picking up on people’s happy, sad, mad, and glad.  All the feelers know the exhaustion that comes from having emotional antennas that are constantly sensing the invisible climate of a space, and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s you, and what’s the guy next to you.  Today’s guest, Yvonne, shares how this wiring is beautiful, from God, and can be a vehicle to hear his voice and have the ability to speak truth to the hearts of people in a unique and powerful way. It’s also a superpower that can enable you to then SHIFT an atmosphere intentionally.  If you’re a feeler, you’ll appreciate this episode. If you’re NOT a feeler, you might have a little more empathy for the feelers around you!  Share this episode with the feelers you know!  (Or the thinkers who need help understanding you a little better 😉 )

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Cultivating the Miraculous in your Life w/Tiffany Tombre

Do you want to see the miraculous as a regular experience in your life? Everyone needs a miracle… or two… or ten. In this episode, new author Tiffany Tombre and Jen share how they pull on God for miracles as a lifestyle… and they break it down into a few simple steps so you can do the same. •. Be sure you follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and you can buy their book directly here: https://Travisandtiffanytombre.com .  And as always, come follow me on IG at @JavawithJen and on FB at @javawithjenpodcast .  

Ep. 47: Keep Standing- What to Do when your Faith Is Struggling w/Jenilee Samuel

Believing God for a promise or breakthrough will inevitably lead you to the edge of your faith… where you’ll have to keep standing.
This is for your growth, and even when you get discouraged, it’s more a reflection of your growth than unbelief.
Tune in for some serious encouragement on how to keep your faith built in trying times!
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Boundaries: taking back control of your life, with Jenilee Samuel


Everyone has experienced those relationships and situations where we feel unsafe and maybe powerless, but today I give you a principle that will empower you to be the most powerful person in your life, and put the control of those situations back in your hands… in a healthy way. Let’s talk BOUNDARIES!! In the intro and episode I mention a number emotions you might feel, that are indicators of a lack of boundaries; this is the link to read that article. It describes the “why you may feel this way” dynamic that can help you articulate, understand why you feel that way, empowering you to bring change. As always, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure you SUBSCRIBE to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode!  

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Updates & New Series on “Hearing God’s Voice”

So Good to see you, my friend!

Hey friend! Merry almost-Christmas to you! With the year winding down and me evaluating 2020, I realized it’s been loaded with both wins, losses, disorientation, and sweet family time. How can one year hold such a dichotomy of experiences? Yet it has… and you are one of the reasons my year has been beautiful. Your support, your shares and shout outs on social media, some of you have come on as financial sponsors to the show which I appreciate so much, and just plain by being a part of my community, you’ve made 2020 so meaningful for me. I appreciate you so much!

I recently recorded a series for you that I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss out on! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of the stability that comes from knowing what God is saying to you and your family in unstable times. Hearing his voice has never been more crucial. So, that’s why I recorded this four part series on the topic. It started out as a class for our Wednesday night church services, but when I polled you guys on social media, the response was a resounding “YES! Please share the content!” So here it is. 🙂

I included the hyperlink to listen directly below each photo.

Before I let you go, as we head into 2021, could I ask you a favor? If you aren’t already supporting the podcast financially, would you consider doing that? No pressure here, but some of you have asked, and been excited to know you could! Here are some goals I have for the show for 2021 that your giving would contribute to:

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XOXO< Jenilee



How to Look Amazing When You’re Losing Weight!

A follower recently asked me: “How do I dress well while I’m losing weight?” Thats a suuuuper valid question and one we have all struggled through when losing the inches. Here were my suggestions:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Ok so you can pretty much get about 10-15lbs of wear from one size of jeans, esp if they have some stretch. So, depending how much you have to lose, you may want to plan for a few different sizes. Prioritize jeans, bc bad fitting jeans make everything miserable. But leggings, jeggings, and stretchy items will get you more wear.

*Also don’t be afraid of pieces that if you start to shrink, they’ll look strategically oversized rather than just big. You can do that by layering over cute bralettes, or tank tops.*

Here are some tips:

1. Shop your closet. You no doubt have some pieces already in your smaller sizes. Pull out what can be transition sizes to help get you through those weeks and start with those pieces.

2. When you reach a goal milestone along the way, celebrate with a new (inexpensive) pair of jeans. .

3. Stick with clothes that flex and mold to you: clothes with stretch. Knits will be more forgiving and will walk longer with you while losing weight.

4. Employ styling tricks for cinching your look like belting, tucking and knotting.

5. If life allows, prioritize athletic and casual wear during those transition weeks bc you’ll be working out more anyways, and comfy clothes are both forgiving, and they motivate the workout.

6. Try shrinking any shrinkable clothes by washing and drying on hot. It’s a gamble bc shrinkage can go awry, so plan well! But if it’s already too big, it not much of a loss of shrinking ruins it.

7. Keep an eye out for wrap style tops and dresses, or any pieces that are adjustable or one size all. These will give you more mileage.

8. Dresses will be more forgiving than pants, try dresses more.

9. Shop thrift stores to save money and find size relevant pieces for your transitions. Again, plan a new size for every 10-15 lbs.

Comment below if you have any other tips!

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