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Ever struggle to get organized when you travel?  Feel free to download this Travel Packing Planner  I created for myself that works so well, I wanted to share it! Here are some tips when planning your upcoming outfits:

  • Write in the date/weather/activities FIRST.  Plan your outfits around these.
  • Start with shoes you’ll need for the activities/weather, and insert the shoes into as many days as possible so you are traveling with no more than four pair (a suggestion, not a rule).
  • THEN, build your outfits considering the shoes you’ll be using so you don’t end up bringing your entire closet. 🙂  Repeat outfits as frequently as is appropriate for the weather and accommodations (washing machine access?)
  • If you’ve succeeded in packing very lightly, bring two extra outfits in case anything unexpected happens.
  • In the Miscellaneous box, write in key accessories you’ll need to remember.
  • When packing your suitcase, you can fit more if you ROLL the items instead of folding.  This also decreases wrinkles.
  • BRING the planner sheet WITH You, packed in the top of your suitcase, or take a photo on your phone so each morning is made easier.
  • **Don’t forget to accommodate for outer layers per the weather!

Travel Packing Planner

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