Spring fashion ideas

So, I had a friend take these pictures for me in a few of my favorite outfits to submit for an online fashion contest only to learn that I had missed the deadline by a week.  😝. Dang.  But I thought, well I’ll just post these on my blog and hope yall can enjoy these ideas!



Sharpie marker remover

It was one of those mornings, I was doing dishes and my toddler was quiet in the living room w the TV on. I felt a nudge to go check on him but put it off just long enough to find him creating a masterpiece with a sharpie on my laptop. Ahhhhhh!!!!! I didn’t know what to do, so I prayed desperately for a solution, and was reminded of my 91% rubbing alcohol I just bought, so I used that with a towel, and it worked!! No damage from moisture bc the alcohol evaporates so fast. Praise the living lord!! My laptop was recovered!!


The Great Masterpiece


The Christmas Miracle


The tools of my demise (marker) and my Salvation!


The Guilty


Not wanting his guilt to be captured on camera.


Evidence that he really is a perfect child. 🙂


The chocolate I bribed him with to smile in the last photo, and the incriminating evidence on his hands of his crime. 🙂

Pt 1 of 2 end of year classroom treats on a budget

With end of the year fun comes lots of little treats needing to be made for classroom friends and end-of-the-year parties. I have two kids in school , both with birthdays this month too, ironically enough! So, since I feel like I always have to scour Pinterest for ideas for stuff, here is the inspiration for this project, though mine is a different twist. Here

-sandwich ziplock baggies
-gummy worms
-yarn to tie things off

Lets get started…


If you have an eager helper, put them to work using their counting skills to count out the gummy worms and marshmallows! 😃👏👏👍😊😘



Now, lean the sweet goodies to one side and zip the zipper, then tie with yarn in the middle of the Baggie so you will have a vague butterfly shape.



Insert carefully the pretzels until the other side is completely full and zip the Baggie completely.


TA DA!!! Butterfly treat!!! Now, finish making how many you need and prep the labels…


Now thankfully I lucked out, and had one of these scrapbook kits on hand, and it so happened to have just enough sticker labels for my goodie bags. So I labeled them, and tied them onto the baggies rather than using them as stickers. I had to come up with something witty to write on them in order to tie in butterflies, and thankfully, I felt, came up w something cute. 😃
They say “This summer “butter-fly” by so I can see you again soon!”




Once your labels are made, tie them onto the baggies, and send them to class!! I also purchased these great water bottles at the dollar tree dollar store, which have a remove able snack cup on the bottom!! The snacks were also all purchased at the dollar store, making this butterfly project cost under $5 for the entire thing. (12 classmates). I hope this helped!! Post any great ideas you had too! I will have many more years of this ahead of me.

Pull out those red jeans!!


My last post was a little wordy, so this will be brief. I have been loving these red jeans since I got them a couple months ago, and have really enjoyed making all sorts of different outfits out of it. This one is one I did as the weather started to warm up and resemble spring a little more.

Striped scarf- “Rainbow” years ago
Blouse- Rue 21
Jeans- Rue 21
Flats- Ross
Jewelry- almost always Body Central or Rue 21
Tank top underneath- Ross

Go find some fun colored skinny jeans and see how many ways you can dress them up!!

Up cycle old pieces w a little mixey matchy

So, given that I have been terribly delinquent about writing on this here blog, I scrolled through my pictures to see what I could post and found this picture of an outfit that I put together yesterday. I always love to go through my closet and try to find new ways to make old clothes look like its never been worn! (Or at least not together!)

Here is something I decided on because I was having a “fat day”, you know, just that time when things are a little more bloated than normal and nothing fits cute. 😣 So I picked this loosefitting polka dotted tank top with a black tank top layered underneath it, my red jeans, some boots since it’s still a little chilly here, a scarf to complement my jeans while not competing with my shirt, and a casual sweater over top of it. I wanted a sweater that was cool toned, since my jeans and my scarf were such contrasting warm tone colors.

I believe very firmly in blending warm and cool tones at the same time. If you have primarily warm toned colors In your outfit, such as red, Orange, yellow, brown, gold, then you want to balance it with some cool colors, like blue, green, white, silver, something along those lines. This includes jewelry also. If your outfit is primarily warm tones, then throw in some cool tones for jewelry. I did that here by putting my gold earrings against my gray sweater, And my black and silver ring against my red jeans and red scarf. This is also specifically why I picked my gray sweater, since the reds in my outfit were such strong colors.

Also, when it comes to mixing patterns, (if you are so inclined to take such risks! 😳) the trick is to have a pattern that distinguishes itself, and one that can fade into the background. One that is maybe a busy print and one that is a simple print, or a large print with a small print. I did this with my tank top and my scarf. My tank top is the busy print that I wanted to be obvious, and the plaid in my scarf is easily disguised.

And of course every outfit in the cooler months is more complete with a great set of boots. 👏😘

I will list for you where I got everything but most is past season stuff, so I do apologize if I’m not much help. 😔

Sweater- Target 2011
Scarf- Ross??
Both tank tops- Ross
Red jeans- Rue 21 2012, after Christmas
Boots- downtown L.A. Street vendor 2011
Jewelry- body central


Fall fashion…

Maybe its just me, but half the wonder of fall and cold weather is the fabulous combinations of wardrobe pieces you can stack and layer for great fall looks!  I wish I had a full length mirror to capture the whole look but here’s what I wore out shopping today. 🙂  it was brisk and windy and chilly!  Perfect weather, and I ended the day with a starbucks chai latte! (I was blessed w a giftcard last night…its the little things that make a day so loverly…) 


I love mixing cool colors with a touch of warm, or warm colors with a touch of cool to balance the pallate.  Here I had cools: blue jeans, pink, blues and pinks in scarf, white earrings, and I rounded it out with a leopard print bracelet and my brown leather jacket.  And yes, you can mix prints if one is a large print. (Scarf -floral) and the other a small print (bracelet-leopard).  On the bottom I had my dark blue skinny jeans and some worn looking black/dark brown leather boots.


I curled my hair with a hot tools white and black tapered curling rod I bought on ebay for around $40.


Scarf was given to me.
Earrings were from body central for 3.90.
Ring: I don’t remember!
Bracelet: rue 21 on clearance for $2!
Pink longsleeve tissue tee:  target last year on clearance.  I think I got it for pennies bc I had a coupon too. 🙂
Leather jacket: ross $22 this fall.
Jeans: ross last year for $10 or something.
Boots: found them shopping in downtown LA clothing district for $25.


Then, as I’m typing this up I look over and see my precious little Men of God with their daddy all watching “joseph” and munching chips together.  Sweet ending to a busy day!


Oh, and fun story from today… I prayed before I went shopping that the Lord would bless my budget and help me find lots of sales and clearance items so I could afford everything I needed.  I found shoes for my boys all on clearance at Ross, for $7.99 (cars shoes), $8.99 (batman) and cars lightup shoes for my little toddler for 12.99!  Then, I was praying for cheap formula bc I didn’t have any coupons.  At HEB I stumbled across a clearance shelf and found EIGHT cans of formula (the large size) marked down to $4!!!  Actually, there were 9, so I bought 8.  (I always feel bad totally clearing a shelf!)  I plan to give a coupl to my sister when she comes in a couple months, and the rest should last us till this baby is old enough for milk! Hallelujah!!!  I was so thrilled!  I saved $106 on the formula, and who knows how much on the shoes!  A moment of the Lord’s favor can accomplish more than hours of labor. 🙂  praise him!!