Ep. 47: Keep Standing- What to Do when your Faith Is Struggling w/Jenilee Samuel

Believing God for a promise or breakthrough will inevitably lead you to the edge of your faith… where you’ll have to keep standing.
This is for your growth, and even when you get discouraged, it’s more a reflection of your growth than unbelief.
Tune in for some serious encouragement on how to keep your faith built in trying times!
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Ep 2: Life in Hollywood, interview with Crystal Lott

In today’s episode we get to have a fun conversation with actress Crystal Lott, (check her out on IMDB!), who is my sister, and has been working in Hollywood for the last 15 years. The life of actors and actresses is often a mystery to the general public and it’s fun to once in a while get a sneak peek into what goes in to this adventurous, exciting lifestyle. Crystal opens up and shares about the struggles and victories of living in the acting world and encourages us with principles that can carry into our own lives as well. If YOU’RE interested in pursuing an acting career, she saves some valuable tips for the end of the episode you won’t want to miss!  As you’ll hear in the show, Crystal is creative and an avid explorer of all sorts of new ways to add new skills to her acting resume, so I shared with my listeners that I would be posting some fun photos of some of the adventures she and I have had together on her journey of discovering new talents.  I hope you enjoy the episode and please share with friends and on social media!  Tag me if you share it for a shout-out in my stories! 😀

Don’t forget to connect with Crystal on social media & IMDB:

Instagram: @crys.lovebird

Email Crystal with questions or role considerations: Lott_crystal@yahoo.com

You can also follow me on Instagram: @jenileesamuelstyling 

Email any questions you may for me about the Java with Jen podcast at: javawithjenpodcast@gmail.com

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Podcast Recording Time!!  

Even trips to Walmart are an adventure with “Aunt Kissy”!

Her nephews (my boys) ADORE her and insisted on driving with me at midnight all the way to Houston to pick her up, sleeping on the way home, but of course dragging their tired bodies out of the car for a classic photo at Buccee’s with their Aunt. 🙂 (It was about 2 am in this photo!)

Dolby Theatre with Crystal on one of my visits.  For those who don’t know, this is where America’s Got Talent does their final shows, and it’s also where the Emmy’s are held!

Formerly known as the Kodak Theatre, this is the red carpet stair case normally adorned with huge golden statues for the big awards night!

Because, History.  (Billy Graham)

Johnny Depp was such a doll to let me pose with him. Clearly he was excited… or in character… or made of wax… we’ll never know.

CINESPIA is a wonderful outdoor summer experience in LA!!!  They once or twice weekly sell tickets for a lawn movie at the local cemetery and THOUSANDS set up with blankets and chairs and food… if you do this, be prepared with some layers… once the sun goes down it gets down into the 60’s, I think this night was the 50’s.  We watched “Alien” and of course don’t forget to take a photo at their very authentic photo booth.  (I wasn’t trying to pose all cool… I was freezing cold and the lights were so bright, my face was actually my “Where are we supposed to look? Where’s the camera?- FLASH!- Oh… I’m blind now anyways…” LOL!

Crystal is kind enough to always make time for my own little adventures, and being a fashion stylist, I wanted to go see the fashion museum… it was wonderful!

A few years ago, this was her creative idea for making memories with the girls in our family… do a pinup photo shoot!  When we were done we went around LA, grabbed lunch, went by the Warner Bros studios and people stopped us and took our pictures, probably thinking we were in costume for a film. 😀 It was funny, and a total blast!

And of course… MERMAIDING!!!

(This lovely blonde is my twin sister who was also joining the adventure and honing some new skills!)

And of course when you’re as silly and adventurous as Crystal… bloopers will abound!