How to Look Amazing When You’re Losing Weight!

A follower recently asked me: “How do I dress well while I’m losing weight?” Thats a suuuuper valid question and one we have all struggled through when losing the inches. Here were my suggestions:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Ok so you can pretty much get about 10-15lbs of wear from one size of jeans, esp if they have some stretch. So, depending how much you have to lose, you may want to plan for a few different sizes. Prioritize jeans, bc bad fitting jeans make everything miserable. But leggings, jeggings, and stretchy items will get you more wear.

*Also don’t be afraid of pieces that if you start to shrink, they’ll look strategically oversized rather than just big. You can do that by layering over cute bralettes, or tank tops.*

Here are some tips:

1. Shop your closet. You no doubt have some pieces already in your smaller sizes. Pull out what can be transition sizes to help get you through those weeks and start with those pieces.

2. When you reach a goal milestone along the way, celebrate with a new (inexpensive) pair of jeans. .

3. Stick with clothes that flex and mold to you: clothes with stretch. Knits will be more forgiving and will walk longer with you while losing weight.

4. Employ styling tricks for cinching your look like belting, tucking and knotting.

5. If life allows, prioritize athletic and casual wear during those transition weeks bc you’ll be working out more anyways, and comfy clothes are both forgiving, and they motivate the workout.

6. Try shrinking any shrinkable clothes by washing and drying on hot. It’s a gamble bc shrinkage can go awry, so plan well! But if it’s already too big, it not much of a loss of shrinking ruins it.

7. Keep an eye out for wrap style tops and dresses, or any pieces that are adjustable or one size all. These will give you more mileage.

8. Dresses will be more forgiving than pants, try dresses more.

9. Shop thrift stores to save money and find size relevant pieces for your transitions. Again, plan a new size for every 10-15 lbs.

Comment below if you have any other tips!