How to Look Amazing When You’re Losing Weight!

A follower recently asked me: “How do I dress well while I’m losing weight?” Thats a suuuuper valid question and one we have all struggled through when losing the inches. Here were my suggestions:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Ok so you can pretty much get about 10-15lbs of wear from one size of jeans, esp if they have some stretch. So, depending how much you have to lose, you may want to plan for a few different sizes. Prioritize jeans, bc bad fitting jeans make everything miserable. But leggings, jeggings, and stretchy items will get you more wear.

*Also don’t be afraid of pieces that if you start to shrink, they’ll look strategically oversized rather than just big. You can do that by layering over cute bralettes, or tank tops.*

Here are some tips:

1. Shop your closet. You no doubt have some pieces already in your smaller sizes. Pull out what can be transition sizes to help get you through those weeks and start with those pieces.

2. When you reach a goal milestone along the way, celebrate with a new (inexpensive) pair of jeans. .

3. Stick with clothes that flex and mold to you: clothes with stretch. Knits will be more forgiving and will walk longer with you while losing weight.

4. Employ styling tricks for cinching your look like belting, tucking and knotting.

5. If life allows, prioritize athletic and casual wear during those transition weeks bc you’ll be working out more anyways, and comfy clothes are both forgiving, and they motivate the workout.

6. Try shrinking any shrinkable clothes by washing and drying on hot. It’s a gamble bc shrinkage can go awry, so plan well! But if it’s already too big, it not much of a loss of shrinking ruins it.

7. Keep an eye out for wrap style tops and dresses, or any pieces that are adjustable or one size all. These will give you more mileage.

8. Dresses will be more forgiving than pants, try dresses more.

9. Shop thrift stores to save money and find size relevant pieces for your transitions. Again, plan a new size for every 10-15 lbs.

Comment below if you have any other tips!

Ep.3:Deirdre & Jen, Feeding the Fam and Loving your Season–Deirdre–Jen–Feeding-your-Fam–Loving-your-Season-e2g1qt

Hi Friends!

I’m so excited to get to introduce you to my friend Deirdre for today’s episode!!  She is one of the most encouraging, intelligent, resourceful women I know, and a great mother while juggling a head-spinning number of things… I knew she would have some gold-nuggets to share with you as you may find yourself whirling from life’s demands too.  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or just plain bad at knowing how to keep your family fed well with all the other things you do, you’re going to love the secrets shared in today’s show, not to mention, at the end she drops some truth bombs about loving and appreciating the season you’re in to help reduce stress.  What qualifies her to speak on these things? I’m so glad you asked!  😀

She is a mother of two precious little ones ages 5 &3, works a full time job as an Accountant at one of the nation’s largest firms, as well as working a part time job as a Leadership Developer of the staff at Chick Fil A in Vicksburg.  She is also currently in school, finishing her advanced degree in Accounting and looks forward to being done at the end of this semester.  Aside from being a wife, mother, working woman, she is in Ministry leader with her husband and has a couple pets to chase and clean up after.  Even given all of this, she manages to keep a clean home and happy, well-fed children, all the while her exuberance for life and encouragement fuels you with excitement when she comes around!!  (Just wait for it, you’ll hear it in our squeals :D)   So, listen close as I pull on her insights and share some of my own so we can help YOU feel more equipped and capable at managing your home, specifically feeding your family well, and resting into the season you’re in.

We kicked this episode off with a Life-Hacks portion, filling the episode with links, apps and services that will save you time, money and trouble, and you can find them all listed below!  (This is not a paid advertisement, just excited to help. 🙂 )

LIFE HACKS with Jen & Deirdre! 

  • Make grocery shopping easy and save time: Walmart Grocery App. Order your groceries online to save time AND money.
  • Teach me to cook!  Pinterest!  I have some great recipe boards that can get you started:
    • Kid-loved foods!  (Some of these pins my kids added themselves, so if there are repeats, that’s why. :D)
    • Holiday treat: Peppermint Merengue Puff cookies!  This is one of my own blog posts that’s been repinned on Pinterest in a number of locations hundreds of times.  It’s a classic!  It’s a recipe I found and tweaked to make my own on Pinterest.
  • Easy RecipesAmerica’s Test Kitchen on Pinterest & App (the app is currently only available for iOS devices)
    • Here’s the Mac-n-cheese recipe Deidre loved if you sign up!  (Tip: you boil the noodles in water AND milk).
  • Meal planningMealime : Keeping meals healthier!  This App & website is the easiest way to specify types of recipes you want, and to have personalized options populate for you to choose from, pick the ones you want for the week, and compiled into a shopping list.  The easiest way I’ve found to healthfully meal plan so far!  You can pay a little to get access to a larger database of recipes if you really love the app, though I haven’t had to yet, still lots of great options.
  • Lunch planning, & gets kids involved!: LaLa Lunchbox –  The website also offers an App download, which I use, and my kids can use and has made life easier!!  I believe they have a breakfast app too, but we just do lunch.

I believe those were our cooking/meal planning/how to keep it healthy suggestions, but if we missed anything you heard in the podcast that you have a question about, feel free to email me: !  Feel free to leave comments below of what you’re loving as well!

Other links mentioned.

We hope this podcast was a blessing to you, and stay tuned for more content from Deirdre in the future!!  If you enjoyed this, please share it with friends, on social media, and go on itunes to rate the podcast!  This causes more people to be able to find the podcast and be blessed by it as well!  Thanks so much and happy feeding-the-families!