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My page will be made up of six areas of life us Mama’s (or wives, or just women!) have to juggle, from the fun and exciting to the downright brain-frying!  My posts will be organized by category, date, or you can just do a search on my page to find something specific.  I don’t know about you, but I often feel I am a student constantly learning; a “Jack of all trades but master of none” so-to-speak.  I know how tremendously helpful it has been for me every time I come across a little nugget of practical wisdom that makes my life easier, and my goal is to share those helpful ideas with you, be they original or borrowed.  🙂  So, feel free to leave a response with your thoughts and your own ideas and tips, and as time goes on, this blog should become a wealth of wisdoms!  See below to get started on browsing your favorite category!  Thanks for stopping by!!


This will be anything that can help make you look more fabulous and chic!  From fashion tips to make up tricks and hair shortcuts, my goal is to bring what little secrets I discover to the table,  to make your “glory days” the present day!  And all this, with a busy woman’s schedule and budget in mind.

I also work as a representative for Younique Makeup Products and would be happy to answer any questions you might have!  The makeup is awesome!!  I have been a makeup lover for years, used so many different products I can’t even keep track, and these are so excellent!  They are mineral based makeup, and the eyeshadows WAY outlast Urban Decay’s Naked Pallettes (so experience tells me. 🙂 ) The Mascara is amazing and the lip products last forever!  To purchase any of these AMAZING and GORGEOUS makeup items, you can stop on by my page:


Click photo for recipe source.

Fabulous Foods

Really, I mean who WANTS to spend hours in the kitchen when there is so much else to be done?  I am no chef (ha, just ask my husband!), and really dread coming up with yet another meal off the top of my head as much as probably anyone else does.  So, when I DO make something really awesome, I feel I MUST share it with all the other momma’s out there who find themselves in my same boat.  These will be recipes that are easy enough for the “learning as I go” cook and quick enough to leave you time to tackle other projects.  Most ingredients used will be familiar house-hold staple items, and if healthier or more user-friendly substitutes are available for the more unusual items, I’ll let you know.  So, browse and print, and get-to-cookin!

FUN Health!

I’m sorry, but “HEALTHY” has gotten such a bad rap over the years of being some gruesome torture, I hope to redefine that.  I have been on a gradual discovery of healthier living the last 6 years or so, and it has been so exciting and inspiring!  I LOVE feeling in control of my health, and I believe that to be successful at being healthy, it must be enjoyable.  Here you will find various fitness tips, diet (food choices, not fad diets) tricks and resources, natural home remedies to stay healthier, organizational ideas (peace of mind health!)  and any other gems I come across that will lend to a healthier you and me!  Stay tuned for very valuable insights!

Crafts, D.I.Y. and Decor for Dummies

Some of the nursery decor for my third son.

I’m no queen of crafting, but if I can make it instead of pay a fortune for it, just show me where the paintbrushes are!  Here you’ll find anything from how to reinvent a piece of clothing, how to make the wall decor for your baby’s nursery, or how to sew your own FABULOUS scarf, among many others!   Some of these ideas I draw from other people and will put my faves on here, so I can’t take credit for the genius behind ALL these things, but I sure will work these great ideas!  So get your CrEaTiVe on, and get workin’!

My son Judah making his first piece of artwork for Daddy for Father’s Day.

Funky Kid’s Activities

Here you’ll find anything to make the practical, hands-on side of parenting more fun and memorable for both you AND your kids.  I love activities that are simple, but creative, and consider it a bonus when they can learn something from it as well!  (Let’s kill two birds with one stone if we can!  Oi, yeesh, that sounds violent for kids… how about, let’s slap two cats with one monkey!  ok, going downhill…)  Stay tuned for cute and creative ideas  for making fun memories with your children that will last for years!

Fresh Insights

For those moments where we all need a little motivation or encouragement about life and parenting.  Here you’ll find a more personal touch from me, sharing lessons learned, or insights I glean from every-day-life.  I believe every challenge in life is the opportunity to draw some deeper understanding about God’s heart, and yet that even the simplest of things can unveil much deeper truths about life as well.  This will be a refreshing stop-off for you during those challenging moments, or even just an inspirational read while you sip your morning coffee.  🙂


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