Java with Jen Season 3 Launches THIS WEEK!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Season 3 is here and starts with a bang & some exciting announcements!

Look for this artwork for Season 3!http://www.anchor.fm/javawithjen

Are you ready to see your walk with Jesus take a major leap forward? Good. This is for you!

Summer has a way of throwing our lives into the “nuts” zone, but it passed quickly, and Season 3 is officially arrived with some fiery, explosive episodes to fill your soul with encouragement, a challenge to dig deeper with the Lord and launch more powerfully into your next season with Him!

Season 3, episode 1 is a guest episode with my dear friend Tiffany Tombre who has such an anointing for radical faith & obedience on her life. The miracles they see on a regular basis, as we do in our family too, is such an inspiring, challenging and invigorating testimony to my own faith, so I thought I’d bring her on to share her story and voice with you! Be sure you stay tuned when the episode goes live THIS THURSDAY AUGUST 19th and be prepared for your Spirit to get a major shot of faith and courage for the challenges you may be facing in your own life.

In the episode we cover three simple ways you can grow into a more-miracles lifestyle, with an exciting collection of stories and testimonies from our own experiences together. This episode will build your faith, energize your soul and challenge you to press into the “MORE” that God has for all of us in this Christian journey. See you on August 19th!

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Woohoo!! It’s official, Season 3 is launched and ready for YOU! This season we are turning up the HEAT on your relationship with Jesus through pursuing him harder, obeying the word and walking in response to His Spirit in the small ways. This first episode of the season is #65 of the show, and my friend Tiffany Timbre was a gracious guest who showed up with her fervor and testimonies of God’s supernatural workings in their daily life.

Back in January I had a prophetic word for her and her family that found its fulfillment this summer; ironically, it was related to a prophetic word my Husband had had for them years back before we even knew them. In this episode she shares that testimony (and a number of others!). But as we put our heads together and shared how God works in our lives on a miraculous level, we realized it boiled down to just a couple very simple habits or personal disciplines in our lives that give him room to move like that! All that goodness coming at you in this episode, along with a life-hack that’ll save your sanity if you’re a momma with a child who has difficulty focusing or staying on task. All that AND an exciting announcement right in the middle of the episode. You don’t want to miss it!

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Is Private School Right for Your Family?

Students enjoying hands-on learning in science class with partnered science experiments.
(Photos taken with permission from the CCS Facebook page)

In 2020, America’s parents were forced to take up a homeschooling career they didn’t plan for.  And while many parents found that they excelled at it and are choosing to continue that path, schooling is a top need and concern for the rest of our parents in light of all the ways Covid19 changed our routines and lives.  Parents want a school environment that offers stability, safety, a nurturing environment and quality, traditional education that’s prepared for an advancing world built on faith and family values.  This is causing many to turn to alternative schooling options: and that’s where private schools arrive on the scene in a triumphant way.  

In our very own community is a stellar private school that has stood the test of time, educating Orange’s children K-12th grade for the last 40 years.  The children who have come through Community Christian School are now our community leaders, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and ministers.  However, Community faced a scare following the pandemic and Hurricane Laura, and their future was uncertain as many businesses and schools experienced, but they were able to pull through and have emerged with a fresh face and renewed accreditation, (internationally recognized school credits for courses taken) which is not offered at all private schools, setting them above their competitors.  Visit CCS Website!

Mrs. Loretta Goericke is the school’s new Principal who moved here in the middle of the pandemic to get it through its toughest season, and she succeeded profoundly.  Loretta tells us the unusual story of how she came to Community.  “I was tiling the floor in the home I planned to retire in, and I heard the Lord speak to me, “You’re done here, and you’re moving to Orange.””  Loretta had no idea where Orange was, or that her long time friend Loyd Thurman had just accepted the Senior Pastor position at Community Church which oversees the school.  She responded in prayer, “Lord, you know I’ll obey you, but I won’t put out resumes or look for a job because I don’t even know where Orange is or what you’re asking of me.  But if I’m to move, you’ll need to have my new job call me.”  Two weeks later, Pastor Thurman called her and asked her to take the Head-of-School position at Community Christian.  Her mouth dropped open as she confidently said yes, and the rest is history!  With a Principal who carries a calling and mandate for her role, she has seen God do powerful things on behalf of the school, faculty and students.  

For Enrollment inquiries, visit www.ccsorange.org/admissions

Enrollment for Kindergarten through 12th Grade is currently open for Community Christian and welcomes new families with open arms.  Despite the many changes in our current American culture, Community maintains a solid stance in traditional faith and family values, undergirded by a Biblical and challenging curriculum with a firm view to character development and college success.  Juniors and Seniors have an academic advantage when they enroll in dual-credit courses for a head start on their college education, graduating high school with {up to} 24 college credit hours.  

As far as Covid restrictions are concerned, the school takes a healthy and self-managed approach allowing for optional mask use, frequent hand washing and sanitation practices.  Further information on Covid protocols can be requested by emailing the school at lorettag@ccorange.org .  

Jr. High boys getting to enjoy some bunnies during a special class activity.

CCS believes in the crucial role of family, and because of this have a firm homework policy to protect family time in the evenings, as well as continuous parent-teacher communication.  

Private school gives students the best of educational options as they receive the socialization, sports and extra-curricular activities that a traditional school would offer, while the smaller classrooms of 8-15 students and personalized teacher attention gives the emotional and academic advantages that private schools are preferred for.  CCS enrollees are met at the place of their unique academic level through both special-needs and advanced learning opportunities.  They can earn the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor’s Society merit which is a major player for college scholarships. Speech therapy is also available for children who need the extra support.

Girl’s track and field.

Speaking of sports, CCS currently has teams in Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Track & Field, Cross Country & Golf for your budding athlete.  Football has been a major part of their sports engagement in the past, and is in the works for the school’s future as new athletes enroll, potentially starting with a Junior High team this fall.  Their elective options are always growing, and they currently offer art & theatre with an eye toward a future band class.

Quality teachers are the life-blood of any school, and all instructors employed by CCS have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and are state or ACSI teacher certified for a quality education.  Community Christian School does not build its curriculum around standardized testing, however they do offer Stanford Tests to evaluate academic progress and PSAT testing to ensure their students are ready for college course work.   

CCS is proud of their alumni who have gone on to achieve great success in government, ministry, medical and all walks of life.  From lawyers, to published authors, doctors and CEO’s, their graduates are leaders who leave a mark with both their accomplishments and their character.

For further information about how to enroll your child in Community Christian School, please visit their website at www.CCSOrange.org/admissions  to fill out a new student inquiry and set up an interview.  

For parents looking to ditch the daycare dilemma, childcare or Pre-K options for ages 5 months-5 years are available as well. Please email tarynq@ccorange.org with inquiries or visit www.communitychristian-preschool.org . 

Preschool and Day Care provided as well!
CCS looks forward to bringing football back to their sports lineup soon!

Ep 62: Fasting: What is it, why should we, how is it powerful? W/Jenilee Samuel

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

There’s always those topics that we hear about in church but haven’t always had explained to us. In today’s episode I get into the how, what, why of fasting, so hopefully you’ll find yourself excited to step into this under-utilized doorway to increasing the anointing on your life and deepening your walk with Jesus! (Spoiler: it’s a tool to destroy the works of the enemy in your life!). Share this episode with anyone you know who has wondered about fasting… it is far more powerful than we realize!! And stay tuned for the life hacks where I get super practical and dig into a product I love for staying tan all year long.

Here’s the book “Fasting” by Jentezen Franklin I recommend if you want to dig deeper into learning about fasting as well!

And here is his book on 101 most asked questions regarding fasting.

And here are some of his best tips: https://jentezenfranklin.org/fastingtips

Here is where you can reach me to connect:

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Ep 61: Discipleship: What is it and why does it ACTUALLY matter w/Podcaster Courtney Lowman

In this final month before our season break, I wanted to dig into the foundations of our faith because of how essential they are, under-explained, and yet super refreshing it is to have a straight forward look at what our faith builds on.  Simple, straightforward, unfussy.  So in this episode my guest Courtney Hail from Journey of Ruth Podcast, shares her heart and approach on Discipleship… you know, that thing Jesus told us to stay busy doing but so few actually understand.  Well, after this episode, you’ll have some really practical steps on how to build this practice into your life and experience the reward of knowing you’re putting your hands to something of eternal value, and fulfilling God’s mandate for your life as a believer!  
Connect with Courtney at:
Look for Journey of Ruth Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Stitcher, Google podcasts, iheartradio, Amazon music podcasts, & wherever you listen to podcasts. 
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Ep 60- 5 Simple Steps to Raising God Fearing Kids

Every God-loving mama wants to raise God loving kids, am I right? It can feel like a shot in the dark sometimes, but scripture gives us great analogies to keep it simple. This episode is loaded with practical tools and the life hack is a simple trick for keeping yourself well & healthy even when wearing a face mask for long periods of time. Be sure to share this with any mama you know, and if you catch the episode, take a screen shot and throw it in your social media stories and tag me! On Instagram I’m @javawithjen and Facebook I’m @javawithjenpodcast . Thanks so much!!

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Ep. 59: Family Series: Expert Travel Tips for your Best Disney Vacation

Deann Samuel is a Travel Agent who specializes in Disney and wants to help make YOUR trip magical. Her services are free to you because Travel Agent fees are built into ticket and booking costs anywhere you go so you’re paying for a travel agent whether you use one or not. You might as well use her services and save yourself the time, missed deals and headaches of planning. Take advantage of her expert insights, first-priority specials, and love for travel to make your trip the best yet!

Travel Agent and Disney Expert Deann Samuel dishes the details on the Java with Jen Podcast on how to have a happier experience planning a Disney vacation for your family.

Save time, save money, keep your peace of mind AND make magical memories on your next trip (maybe to Disney?) with these insider tips from Travel Agent Deann Samuel!  One of the most precious things to do as a family is go on a vacation, but planning it isn’t nearly as fun as the travel.  As we head toward the summer, this will be top of mind for many, but as fun as vacations are, they can come with a LOT of work to plan well.  In today’s episode I interview Expert Travel Agent Deann Samuel (yes, she is my sister in law… #perks) who shares the scoop on how to make a Disney trip more magical, more budget friendly and enjoyable with the kiddies.  She also busts some myths around using a travel agent (hi, it’s free!) and shares the benefits of planning a trip WITH a travel agent (save time and money anyone?).  As she was sharing some of her best tips, she also shared a SECRET she doesn’t share with many that can help you score on Disney souvenirs WAY cheaper… yes please!  Whatever your next trip is, Disney or not, Deann has the insider scoop and will save you money, time and peace of mind making it happen.  Take a listen, and share with anyone you know who’s looking at traveling soon but would rather not have to plan it.  

Connect with Deann below, and check out some of the links she shared in the episode too!    

Disney Character Warehouse on Vineland in Orlando, & on International Dr. in Orlando Family Vacations on the Easy with Disney Expert & Travel Agent Deann Samuel!

Contact Deann:  Website to request a quote; Instagram @disneytravelingprincess ; Facebook @deannsamuelkttw ; Email: d.samuel@keytotheworldtravel.com

Ep. 58- Love the Teenage Years by Being a Better Listener w/Jenilee Samuel

Listen to this Episode HERE

Most parents I know tell me to “savor the little years because the teenage years are the WORST!”  I always grimmace a bit at these dooms-dayers.  Why?  Why should I need to hate the teen years? I want to enjoy my kids even as teens.  So, I began paying attention, even before I had kids, trying to figure out why the teen years were so difficult for parents.  In this episode I share some things I’ve learned as a youth pastor, Pastor and now a mom of a couple teens and tweens, and I believe there is one magic key that can make ALLLL the difference.  Spoiler: my mom LOVED having all four of us as teens, and she was good at this… LISTENING. Let’s dive into this simple, but powerful tool! Don’t forget to come follow me on Instagram for all the latest updates, and to say hey! I love hearing from and interacting with you guys over there, so don’t be a stranger!


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I pulled from a few sources when creating today’s episode, and wanted to list them below: 

Scriptures about Listening

Julian Treasure’s Blog- see his Ted Talk on Listening Better

Harvard article: Listening in Leadership

If this has been interesting to you, consider doing more learning! There are many articles, podcasts, books on the topic, and it will only enrich your life… and your family relationships.  

More podcasts on the topic: (I can’t vouch for these shows, I just loved what I saw about the topic. Listen with a healthy filter.) 🙂

Listening to your Teen

John Maxwell: Leaders Lead through Listening with Simon Sinek

Parenting Today’s Teens: The importance of Listening 

Communicating with Teens: Listening 

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Ep. 57- How to Get the Word of God in your kid’s Hearts and Minds

Click the Play button to listen to this week’s episode!

We all want our kids to grow up to be godly and full of character… but how do we do that??

The word of God is the X factor when it comes to this, so in this episode we dive into how to get the Word of God into your kids hearts in an Uber practical way. Get ready, these tips are simple and super applicable… your family life could change even TODAY.

Don’t forget to connect on Instagram @JavawithJen and if you’d like to financially support the podcast, you can do that through Patreon, Venmo @JavawithJen, or directly on Anchor.  


My youngest, Shiloh, is currently 9!


Romans 10:17

Deuteronomy 5:32-33; 6:5-9

  1. Everything has a price… What price are you willing to pay (comfort, convenience, time, etc) to get the word of God in your kid’s hearts? 

2.  What Goes in will come out.  You will reap what you sow.  PUT IN the Word of God if you want to reap godly character in your children. 

3. As parents, we must model a lifestyle built on the word of God. 

-Example of my mom who was transformed by the word of God; Dad who had morning quiet times in the word; Your kids need to see your process of being changed by the word of God.  


1. Memorize scripture through  phrase-upon-phrase repetition during built in times like meal times, nap time, bedtime.  

2. Rules and boundaries at home need to be built around the word of God, and the kids need to know this. 

3.  Word of God is useful for correcting, rebuking, edifying, etc.  Use the word of God as kind guidance in the discipline moments with your children.  They need to see your reasoning comes from the word. 

4.  Write it on surfaces around the house.  Mirrors, wall hangings, hung on fridge, etc. 

5. Family Time where you read the word of God; ask what it means to them, have them imagine it. What does this tell us about God. What does it tell you about yourself? How can this change your life?

6.  Listen to the word of God in your car! If you’re listening, pull them in on it. 

7.  Talk about life situations. Ask thought provoking questions.  Ask if a scripture might apply.

 8.  Share what you’re learning from the Word. 

9. Discuss what you saw in a movie, the messaging, and how it compares to the Word of God. 

10.  Regulate other voices going in through entertainment, peers, social media, music, etc.  What goes in, comes out.  

11.  When there’s behavioral issues, it’s a thinking problem.  There are lies present in their thinking somewhere.  So bring correction by having them look up scriptures that are relevant to this area of struggle.


Younger Kids: 

-Superbook App   

-Minno Kids app  

-Bible App

Older Kids: -Watch the show “the Chosen” through the App Store. 

-Bible time with You. They still crave connection. 

-Youversion App- Plans you can do together. 

-Memory Verses: “Fighter Verses” App & “Scripture Typer” app

-Instagram devotions: Follow @Pocketfuel (if they’re on social media already)

-Have them create their own devotional content on social.

-Text A Verse to them daily from your devo time!

-Daily Bible Inspiration App

This was in 2017 during a Hurricane Evacuation. They’re all so much older now! 😦

Ep. 53: How to Share your Faith in the Workplace (and not be a weirdo!) w/Katie Axelson

Katie Axelson in all her coffee glory!

Most Christians feel the tension and responsibility of sharing their faith, but often don’t for fear of doing it poorly, or coming off as an un-relevant weirdo.  Today’s guest, Katie Axelson from the “Have Hope will Travel” podcast, shares how she does that and has done that effectively, as well as some of the lessons she’s learned on how NOT to share your faith at work, or in a secular environment.  

Katie Axelson is an author, speaker, and pastor who loves to link arms with women and help them draw closer to Jesus. She’s the host of Have Hope; Will Travel podcast where she celebrates differences and learns to love people well. You can find her at KatieAxelson.com, on Instagram @KatieAxelson, and on Facebook Katie Axelson Writer.

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