hCG Diet results! This has been amazing!

Wow.  After four kids, a momma just might have some baby-weight to lose!  Thankfully, mine was only about 30 lbs, but it was sure stubborn and not coming off!  In fact, the scale slowly climbed, and despite my best efforts, it was not budging.  I had prayed earlier this year, earnestly asking the Lord toContinue reading “hCG Diet results! This has been amazing!”

hCG Diet: Hot Cocoa, Apple Pie, and an Egg omelet!

If you are doing or are interested in doing the hCG diet, the food can feel limited quickly, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite recipes with you thus far.  Here are three of my favorites so far… HOT COCOA!! 6-8 oz water in mug 1 1/2 Tbs unsweetened Baking cocoa powderContinue reading “hCG Diet: Hot Cocoa, Apple Pie, and an Egg omelet!”

HCG diet journey… finally losing that post-baby weight! (Part 1)

Have you ever struggled with your weightloss like me?  For some its a struggle of 75+ pounds, for others, the last 20 that just won’t come off is equally frustrating.  For new (or seasoned) mommas, the babyweight is always a daunting chore.  Well, you are in good company!  Welcome to my post-baby-weight weightloss journey onContinue reading “HCG diet journey… finally losing that post-baby weight! (Part 1)”

No-bake Homemade Almond Joys!!

Christmas season. Coconut. Chocolate. Nuts. These are synonymous to my tastebuds, if Christmas had a taste, that is. I found myself craving homemade almond joys and realized I had all the ingredients laying around in the kitchen so I decided to whip up a batch…Last night…. …They are already all gone. 😳 They were soContinue reading “No-bake Homemade Almond Joys!!”

Sharpie marker remover

It was one of those mornings, I was doing dishes and my toddler was quiet in the living room w the TV on. I felt a nudge to go check on him but put it off just long enough to find him creating a masterpiece with a sharpie on my laptop. Ahhhhhh!!!!! I didn’t knowContinue reading “Sharpie marker remover”

Lemon coconut yummy!!

For those of you who just love incorporating coconut oil into your daily diet, or for those of you who just want another healthy way to get good stuff into your daily eating, here is an easy and convenient way to do just that!!  These are very simply made, with only four ingredients and noContinue reading “Lemon coconut yummy!!”

Thirty-one 100 Calorie snacks from home!

          Scouring the internet for 100 calorie snacks to begin my post-baby weightloss plan (7 months after baby! ha!) and I found this great list of 100 calorie snack ideas!  They are healthy, loaded with fruits, vegetables, and good fats!  This means they will also be satisfying, and at 100 calories,Continue reading “Thirty-one 100 Calorie snacks from home!”

Fancilicious apple appetizer!

I saw a picture of something similar to this online and decided to try making it at our recent girl’s night.  It was easy, mostly healthy, and beautiful!  Ingredients: 6 to 8 sliced apples Caramel ice cream syrup Chocolate syrup Semi sweet chocolate chips Sliced almonds Lay the sliced apples in a pretty fashion onContinue reading “Fancilicious apple appetizer!”

No-bake energy bites!

So I found this recipe on pinterest and it has become my new favorite go-to snack when I am on the go!  I have adapted it a bit and that’s half the beauty of it, you can mix up the ingredients to your liking!  I can’t find the original recipe unfortunately, so you will justContinue reading “No-bake energy bites!”

40- minute homemade rolls!

For those ladies (or gents) wanting to make homemade rolls but don’t like how long it takes, this is your solution!  I tried them the other day and they are awesome!  They were all gone that day.  This recipe yielded 14 large rolls.  If you make them a little larger, you can use them forContinue reading “40- minute homemade rolls!”