hCG Diet results! This has been amazing!

Wow.  After four kids, a momma just might have some baby-weight to lose!  Thankfully, mine was only about 30 lbs, but it was sure stubborn and not coming off!  In fact, the scale slowly climbed, and despite my best efforts, it was not budging.  I had prayed earlier this year, earnestly asking the Lord to help me and connect me to the resources to have success in this area of getting healthy again, and I stumbled across a little bottle of hCG diet drops at a Ross near me.  At first I thought it was excessive and ridiculous, but after doing a lot of research online, there was SO MUCH positive feedback, lasting results, and knowing it was designed by a doctor helped too, so I decided to try it.  And I am so thankful.  My pre-self wasn’t out of control, but I know me best, and I have always been lean and healthy and wanted to stay that way.  Now that you know the backstory,  want to know my results?  Here are the details:

The total diet lasted 40 days (about 6 weeks), and the transition out phases lasted a total of 6 weeks. So, here it is:

I went from 156.8 lbs, to 138.2 lbs.  That’s a total loss of nearly 19 lbs!!

And I lost… ready for this?  A whopping NINETEEN INCHES all over!!  I lost 3.5 inches in my hips, butt, and almost 3 inches in my waist!  I went from wearing a Large top to a Small top.  And I fit a bunch of my clothes that had gotten too small. 🙂  Here are the photos…

This was my first Before/After series

This was my first Before/After series



Its amazing to me the results I saw in such a short time!

Its amazing to me the results I saw in such a short time!

Before and After.  The "after" shot is just before finishing the diet.

Before and After. The “after” shot is just before finishing the diet.

Before and After.

Before and After.

Some of my new outfits in my new clothes. :)

Some of my new outfits in my new clothes. 🙂

I always wanted to wear a dress like this.  Now I can!

I always wanted to wear a dress like this. Now I can!

Super thankful.

Super thankful.

This jacket couldn't button before!

This jacket couldn’t button before!


These are the drops I used, found at Ross and Burlington, though they dont regularly carry them

Now, for anyone who hasn’t struggled to lose baby weight, it might be a little ridiculous for me to be so excited over 20 lbs, but this was a huge deal for me!  Technically, I still have ten to go, but I am celebrating this milestone!  I have literally prayed for 3.5 years for a breakthrough in getting the baby weight and the momentum of weight gain reversed.  The beautiful thing even beyond the actual weight loss?  That God cared enough to put the right tools in my hands.  Tools that were helpful, and nurtured healthy changes and education on what kind of foods are best for my body.  God totally cares about these things!  Why?  Because he LOVES.  And because he loves you, he cares about what you care about.  Ok, tangent over…

I learned so much on this diet!  Because of how it’s built I learned a lot of what kinds of foods to reach for that will fill me while benefit my weight and health goals.  Now, before you starting judging and think I ‘m crazy to have weight concerns over twenty or thirty pounds, please understand, I liked myself even at my heaviest, and I like myself now.  I’ve never hated myself. I have always believed in making the most of what you have to work with.  But I also believe in being the best (healthiest) version of ourselves as long as we can control it.  For me this wasn’t about becoming a supermodel or anything a magazine might promote.  Rather, it was about reaching a weight goal that I felt would be healthy for me.  Actually, after having my first baby and not really knowing how to relate to my I’m-a-woman-I’ve-birthed-babies body, I had asked the Lord what weight would be healthiest for my frame, muscle/bone makeup, lifestyle, etc.  I mean, he made me, he knows what’s best for me, wouldn’t he know the healthiest weight for me too?  And I kept coming to the same number (as un-round of a number as it was), and when I looked it up on the weight-range index, it was in a perfect spot in my healthy weight range for my height, and appropriate for my lean structural build.  So, that’s how I came to my goal weight.  For some that may seem a little over-spiritualized, but I’ve always felt, God knows best and so why not just ask him.  He loves being involved in those details of our lives. 🙂


So, starting today,  I’m actually on my second  and last round of the hCG diet, this time with two friends, to try to get the last 6-8 lbs off to reach my goal weight.  Then I’ll be able to start toning muscle a little bit, and have the happy satisfaction of knowing I’m taking the best care of this body that I can, while I can.  I want to live long, healthy and vibrant all my days.  Keeping my weight under control, eating healthy, exercising, detoxing a couple times a year, resting when needed, hydrating, all those are disciplines to be a good steward of this temple, this body.  I read a lot to keep my mind sharp, laugh a lot to keep me happy, and lots of other little disciplines that are healthy for longevity.  I hope this blog was encouraging to you, and if so, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear! As for now, I’ll see you with my next before/after post.  Stay tuned! 🙂   I wish you peace for the journey!


HCG diet journey… finally losing that post-baby weight! (Part 1)

Have you ever struggled with your weightloss like me?  For some its a struggle of 75+ pounds, for others, the last 20 that just won’t come off is equally frustrating.  For new (or seasoned) mommas, the babyweight is always a daunting chore.  Well, you are in good company!  Welcome to my post-baby-weight weightloss journey on the hCG diet!!!  This entry and a few entries following with be carefully following my weightloss journey with the HCG diet.  First, I am not aiming to lose astronomical amounts of weight.  Only about 20-25 lbs.  After having my fourth son almost four years ago, I was lazy during breastfeeding and did not work to get the baby weight off, and have struggled ever since to get back down to my pre-baby size.  I have tried a number of different approaches, all healthy options, but I don’t think I was motivated enough to do something strict.  Finally, it dawned on me, I have been whining and complaining about this struggle for nearly four years now, and have given a half-effort to about six different methods, and have seen no sustained progress.  Enough is enough!!  There is no excuse for whining.  If I have a goal, I will find a way to reach it.  So, as I was shopping last week I came across some HCG drops on sale and thought, “Hmm, these are cheap, I’ll just buy them, research and see if it’s worth trying.”  I got home, opened them up and read the diet plan and was like, “hah!  yeah right!” and put them away.  But as I did research and came across friends who had had great success on this diet, I saw that doctors were giving it the thumbs up (in fact it was designed by a doctor), and the food prescribed in the diet is very healthy, I thought, “Well, maybe I could just buckle down and work hard and see some results.”  So, that’s what I did.  I bought the necessary food, prayed for grace ;), and jumped in a week ago.  And I have been so excited by my results!  So excited in fact, I thought I’d share on here with ya’ll in case any of you have found yourself in a similar frustrating situation.  First, let me give you an overview of the diet.  (If you’re looking for a good book to really understand it, this cookbook is excellent.  It explains the diet AND gives you recipes.  Two for one!)


Below are my BEFORE photos… Check out Part 2 to see my Week 1 results!  Keep reading to see a summary of the diet.  


Phase 1: Loading phase.  Two days.  

  • Take HCG drops three times per day before meals; don’t drink or eat within 15 minutes of taking the drops so as not to dilute them in your system.
  • This phase is two days of eating as much FATTY foods as possible.  These fat stores help your body more gracefully adapt to the next phase which is the Very Low Calorie Diet phase (VLCD).  I didn’t take this phase very seriously and wish I would have.  My first three days, especially the third were tough.  Plus, who doesn’t like an excuse to eat every fatty food you ever wanted?  No food is off limits.

Phase 2: Very Low Calorie Diet with weightloss. Day 3-40

  • Again, you will be taking the HCG drops three times daily, not within 15 minutes of water or food.
  • This phase of the diet focuses on putting your body into Ketosis state, which is where your body is living off your own fat stores.  You can lose 1-2 lbs of fat per DAY.
  • The calorie goal these days is to stay within 500 calories.
  • On these days you typically skip breakfast but spend the morning drinking herbal teas, black coffee or water.  At least 32 Oz of liquids is your goal.  It is good to go the way of decaffeinated drinks so you don’t get jittery.  Lunch and Dinner is created from the selected foods in the lists below.
  • No exercising for these days.  Activity should be kept to a gentle stroll.  You need all the calories you are taking in!

Foods For The HCG Diet Phase 2

This is a list of foods you can eat while doing Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.
Use this list as a quick reference when shopping and preparing meals.

– Any kind of lettuce, spinach, beet greens, chard, cabbage
– Any kind of onions
– Any kind of tomatoes
– Fennel
– Cucumber
– Radishes
– Celery
– Asparagus

Your meats/poultry cannot be cooked on the bone. All meats should be trimmed of all fat (and skin)
– White Fish
– Lobster
– Crab
– Shrimp
– Extra Lean Beef (steak, 96% premium lean ground beef, pot roast)
– Chicken


– Apples
– Blue Berries, Blackberries or Strawberries
– Lemons

– Herbal Tea
– Bottled Water
– Melba Toast
– Sugarless Gum
– Steevia (natural sweetener, any flavor)
– Braggs Liquid Amino (this is a soy sauce type of product)
– Mustard
– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Any natural herb or spice, salt and pepper, garlic

Vegetables Portion Calories
Asparagus 4 ounces 20
Beet Greens 1 cup 25
Broccoli 4 ounces 30
Brussel Sprouts 1 cup 50
Raw Cabbage 1 cup 25
Raw Cauliflower 1 cup 30
Celery 1 stalk 5
Collard Greens 1 cup 25
Cucumber 8″ 15
Dandelion 4 ounces 50
Endive/Escarole 1 cup 10
Green Beans 4 ounces 40
Raw Kale 1 cup 40
Leeks 1/2 cup 16
Lettuce 1 cup 15
Romaine Lettuce 4 ounces 25
Green Onions 6 small 25
Raw White Onions 4 ounces 40
Green Sweet Peppers 1 medium 20
Red Sweet Peppers 1medium 25
Radishes 4 small 8
Spinach 1 cup 10
Squash/Zucchini 1 cup 40
Tomato 1 medium 20
Turnips 1 cup 55
Turnip Greens 1 cup 45
Watercress 4 ounces 25

Fruit Portion Calories
Apple 1 medium 80
Grapefruit 1/2 40
Strawberries 1 cup 55
Black Berries 1 cup 62
Blue Berries 1 cup 83
Lemon 1 medium 17

Phase 3: Stabilization phase.  3 Weeks.  CRUCIAL TO YOUR SUCCESS!!

  • The first three days of this phase you keep eating the VLCD but withOUT HCG drops so that you can give your body time to get the hormone out of your body before introducing new foods.
  • On the fourth day you can begin introducing new foods SLOWLY back into your diet.  The reason for this is because your body has trained itself to such limited calories and types of foods that to go back to regular eating straight away would shock your system and put the weight right back on.
  • In this phase you bring your caloric intake up to 800-1000 calories, gradually working your way up to 1500 calories.
  • Go to this page for a detailed food list.  http://www.hcgdietdrops.com/hcg-phase-3-other-food-list.html
  • This phase is characterized by three daily habits:
    • you must weigh yourself every day
    • you must remain within 2 pounds of your last injection weight (over *OR* under) and,
    • you cannot eat sugars and starches (which is carbohydrates minus the fiber)
  • Exercise: You can re-introduce exercise in this phase.  Your goal should be 30min-1 hour 3-4 times per week.
  • For more details on this phase, go here.
  • For success tips and menu samples, go here.

Phase 4: Maintenance phase. The rest of your life!

  • This phase you can bring your calorie intake up to 1800-2000.
  • In phase 4 when your weight has become consistent and stable you will start to re-introduce sugars and starches back into your diet. Starting off slow is always good. Don’t go binging!
  • To maintain your weight, you will have learned a lot of healthy alternatives, so use them in this phase!
  • For the first three weeks you are watching very carefully and very slowly working sugars, like chocolate or bread, into your diet.  But do only one per day to see how your body responds.  As your body gets used to this foreign object and learns how to metabolize it, you can settle into a nice little routine.
  • Use your natural sugar subsitutes and develop a habit of having a splurge meal only once or twice a week.  Be careful still though, as you can rack up on calories if you’re not mindful of how much is going in.
  • Focus eating still on fruits vegetables and proteins, and let grains and sugars be the smaller portions of your meals.  Keep sugar in moderation.

Links to help: 

Phases 3 & 4:

So that’s the overview of the diet.  The first few days are the most challenging, but as your body adapts, it will become much easier.  Let your thinking about food change WITH the food, so that after you’re done, you don’t return to old habits.

Below are my BEFORE photos… Check out Part 2 to see my Week 1 results!



Healthy easy chocolate covered nuts!!


So I was craving some chocolate covered nuts but am trying to eat clean, which means the ones at the store that come prepackaged are probably spiked with some artificial stuff here and there, or at least more than I’d like, so I decided to make my own.  I had this container of mixed nuts from Target, Peppermint essential oil (which I add to everything because its just AWESOME, though its not necessary), and a bag of Hershey’s dark chocolate chips.  Here’s what I did.  Quite simple.

1.  I only used about a third of the bag of chocolate chips, threw them in my smallest sauce pan, turned it to a  medium low heat and kept stirring until they were melted.  Once melted, turn off the burner and add a Tablespoon of canola oil.  This is where I also added about 4 drops of my peppermint oil.  Its perfect.


2.  Then I simply tossed in the nuts and stirred them up till they were all well coated.  I don’t know how much I added, I just kept adding until the chocolate was sufficiently used up without much excess.  Sorry for the poor photo.


3.  Then you just plop them out onto a pan which you lined with foil or parchment paper, spreading them out into a single layer to avoid chunking.  (unless you like chunks, then keep it chunky!)



4.  I slid the pan into the top of my freezer for them to harden.  Then I pulled it out an hour or two later, pulled the chocolate nut pieces up and put them into a quart sized bag.  I sealed it, then banged it around on the counter a little to break it up and Voila!!  Homemade, healthy, flat belly diet approved, chocolate covered nuts!!



Homemade Chocolate covered nuts


-raw nuts (1-2 cups)

-Dark chocolate chocolate chips (1/3 to 1/2 cup)

-Peppermint essential oil (optional)

-1 Tbsp Canola oil


Melt the chocolate chips over medium low heat in a sauce pan, stirring continually.  Only takes a couple minutes.  Once completely melted, turn off heat, add 1 Tbsp Canola oil and 4 drops Peppermint essential oil if you’re adding that, and stir until blended.   This keeps the chocolate smooth and manageable.  Toss in the nuts, stirring to coat until all chocolate is used and all nuts are coated.  Add more nuts if needed.  Line a pan with parchment paper or foil, scoop out the nut mixture onto the pan, smoothing it out into a single layer.  For chocolate chunks, let it be all chunky, but for more individual nut pieces, make them as spread out as possible.  Set pan in your freezer for an hour or two, pull it out, remove the nut and chocolate pieces, put into a container or quart sized ziploc, break it up if desired, and store in fridge or freezer for a nice little treat!!  Enjoy!!

Lemon coconut yummy!!


For those of you who just love incorporating coconut oil into your daily diet, or for those of you who just want another healthy way to get good stuff into your daily eating, here is an easy and convenient way to do just that!!  These are very simply made, with only four ingredients and no cooking, you’ll be head over heels.  If you make these and try any other flavors, please do share!!


1 Cup Coconut oil

Zest from 1 lemon

Juice from 2 lemons (use the zested lemon!)

2 Tbsp honey or other sweetener.  (go natural here,  NO ARTIFICIAL stuff!!  I used “Ideal” natural sweetner, but Truvia, or Stevia work too!  Err on the side of less honey because too much will prevent proper freezing.)

Put half your oil into a small blender or food processor, put the other half into your microwave for 10 seconds, just long enough to melt it.  (Or you can warm it in a pan if you don’t want to microwave it, which possibly kills some of the health benefits of it).

Once your oil is melted, combine it, and the zested lemon and lemon juice, and sweetener/honey, blend until smooth, pour into silicon molds (I used silicon ice cube trays) and refrigerate until solid.  (about 1-2 hours.)  Pop them out of the  molds, and store in a baggie or container in the fridge.  Enjoy a few a day, but be mindful these bad boys have a LOT of calories!! One to two tablespooons a day is touted as carrying lots of health benefits.   Let me know if you try these and enjoy them, or what changes you may make!

If you want to play with other flavors, I covered a few in this post.  Strawberry and lime are two of my other faves!!  Leave comments on some of your favorite flavors!  Others have tried some incredible combos… ya’ll are geniuses! 😉



**Original recipe inspiration from here.  I tweaked hers because it seemed to me to be a little too much lemon juice and too much honey, making them hard to freeze completely.**

Banana bliss!


Are you like me and have wanted to preserve those bananas that are going bad but hated the slimyness you were left with when they thaw in their peels? I always thought my mom must have really loved banana bread to endure the slimey, juicy grossness from thawing bananas. Then, one day a light bulb came on and I realized, if I peel them and put them in a large ziploc, smash them flat, I can freeze them all flattened out in much less space than the traditional way! So, that is the idea! When you have some overripe bananas, just peel them, stick them in a baggie and press them flat for ease of storage and then lay them flat in the freezer. Label them when you do this so you know how much you’re working with.


Use the frozen bananas for ice cream (recipe below), smoothies, or banana bread! Let me know what else YOU would use them for! Banana chocolate peanut butter icecream 2 frozen bananas 2 tBsp cocoa powder 1 Tbsp peanut butter If you like it sweeter, use some natural sweetener! Blend away in a food processor till smooth. If you like it softer just add a tiny bit of milk until desired consistency.

Homemade slime!! (Or “ooey gooey goo” as my kids called it)

A fun, cheap, ooey gooey activity for the kids is: homemade SLIME!!  Thanks for the inspiration, here!

This is a great little hands-on play time for the kids, (especially boys, I’m sure!) full of sensory fun!  You only need 2 INGREDIENTS, plus a little food coloring.  Here’s how: (please forgive the quality of my pictures, I took them with my phone.)



Its so easy and requires only 2 ingredients:
-2 to 3 bottles of clear Elmer’s glue
-liquid starch (can find on the detergent aisle w other starches.  A half gallon jug was $3 at HEB grocery store.)



Mix equal parts glue and starch.  I used 2 – 5oz bottles of glue which rendered 1 1/4 cup (10 oz), so I used 1 1/4 cup starch too.  Pour together in a bowl and start mixing!  You will likely have to use your hands and it takes a few minutes.  When you get tired of it, plop a pile in a bowl for the kid and let them finish the job!


First the glue…



Then, Liquid Starch…



Now, get your “stir” on!  Hands will be needed… Take your rings off!!


Its a little chunky and weird at first…just keep stirring.


Get your hands in there!  We are making progress!

*you can use a few drops of food coloring dye (3 to 5 is sufficient).  Have fun!



Watching the magic happen…







Have fun gettin’ your Slime on!! 🙂

133 Simple Summer Ideas for Young Children

These are a lot of ideas I sat down and threw down on paper that we’ve either tried or wanted to try, along with some other little ideas I found here and there online.  If you’re like me, I feel like I spend half the day sometimes staring into space as I mop or sweep or do dishes, wracking my brain for an idea of something to do with the kids to keep them from getting into trouble or killing each other.  I hope this helps!  I plan to print this out, and cut out each idea into a slip of paper and fold it and put them in a jar, so when the kids get bored, they can pull one out and do whatever it says!  Keeps things exciting! Happy Summer Vacation!!

Activity ideas for the kids.

1. Have an indoor picnic.
2. Build a fort out of blankets (use chairs, couches, yarn- anything to hold up the blankets!).
3. Make sock puppets
4. Finger paint with pudding.
5. Playdough- use rolling pins and cookie cutters.
6. Dance PARTY–dance to your favorite songs.
7. Have a tea party.
8. Read nursery rhymes.
9. Make your own indoor hopscotch with masking tape on carpet/wood.
10. Pedicures.
11. Play school–have the child be the teacher.
12. Make a letter book. Let the kids take a picture of something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.
13. Look at photo albums.
14. Make a movie of yourselves, then watch it.
15. Paint with water colors.

16. play with super hero figurines. (barbies/dolls for girls)
17. Play with matchbox cars
18. Play board games (my kids love Candy Land!).
19. Color with crayons. Take off the wrapper and see the different ways you can color with them.
20. Make paper bag puppets.
21. Watch a movie and eat popcorn.
22. Go on a treasure hunt.
23. Bake cookies.  Share some with a neighbor or leave as a surprise for someone.
24. Play dress-up.
25. Make paper hats.
26. Make a healthy snack and enjoy it outside.
27. Make a relay race or obstacle course in your house–be creative!
28. Play hide and seek.
29. Indoor snowball fight with socks (or large marshmallows).
30. Build a fort out of cardboard boxes and duct tape.
31. Make plans and invitations for a party.
32. Play tic-tac-toe.
33. Make your own puzzle out of poster board or cardstock, color and cut it out.
34. Make your own matching game.
35. Swim in the kitchen–put down a tarp, fill up a little kiddie pool with warm water and let them play for hours!
36. Make holiday décor.
37. Make a car track all around your house with masking tape.
38. Play “Monster in the Middle.” Pillows are “safe” the carpet is the “lava.” Jump from pillow to pillow and if the monster touches you, you are in the middle.
39. Apple stamps. Cut an apple in half horizontal and use it as a stamp using washable paint.
40. Make lacing cards with their favorite cereal boxes.
41. Learn a new song. (youtube: days, months, seasons, manners, verses, etc)
42. Create a giant dot-to-dot with poster board.
43. Make craft for upcoming holiday

44. Make a necklace with yarn, beads or Fruit Loops.
45. Have a talent show.
46. Cut paper snowflakes.
47. Make a paper countdown chain to next holiday or an upcoming birthday by cutting strips of paper and stapling them together.
48. Hard noodles, Elmer’s glue, and paper… need I say more?
49. Marble racing. Take 2 of your swimming pool water noodles and prop them on the stairs. Race marbles down the middle of them. The hole is a perfect size for a marble.
50. Sculpt clay, let it dry, then paint.
51. Play Gun war w nerf dart guns or water guns.
52. Write letters to Grandma and Grandpa.
53. Play with magnets. Cut up colorful pipe cleaners into 1 inch pieces, put them in a glass jar, put a magnet to the jar and see what happens!
54. Make an advent calendar for Valentine’s Day or an upcoming holiday.
55. Make princess/king crowns.
56. Manicures.
57. Take silly pictures and e-mail them to Dad/Mom at work or other relatives.
58. Make big cars out of a cardboard box. Have the kids sit inside the boxes, cut holes for their legs and let them use their feet as wheels to move around.
59. Play red-light, green-light. Play this with #58. It is so fun!
60. play manners game (demonstrate various behaviors, ask if its good or bad manners.  If bad, ask them how to make it good manners.)

61. Make a super hero costume out of household items.
62. Pillow pile. Collect all the pillows in your house and jump into them.
63. Dress up in Mom or Dad’s clothes.
64. Plan a date for your child and you (or spouse) that makes them feel special.
65. Cream painting. Put shaving cream and drops of food coloring in a cookie tray and then mix it all around with a paint brush.
66. Make a story book out of paper. Have them make it up and draw the pictures.
67. Watch old family videos.
68. Make and frost sugar cookies.
69. Make paper airplanes.
70. Watch an Educational video
71. Read their favorite book to them.
72. Start a journal. If the child can’t write, have them tell you what to write.
73. Make a time capsule of their favorite things and open it next January.
74. Do flash cards (letters, sounds, addition, etc.).
75. make sock puppets
76. Make cupcakes and let them do everything themselves.
77. Plan a family vacation or make a dream vacation pages using pictures in magazines.
78. Teach them to sew.
79. Do an exercise video with them.
80. Rearrange the furniture in their room.
81. Hot cocoa bar. Chocolate covered spoons, marshmallows, whipped cream, Andes mints. Get creative! What do you put in your hot cocoa?
82. Make a bird feeder with toilet paper rolls. Put peanut butter on it and roll it in bird seed. Hang it with yarn outside and watch the birds come.
83. Make little pizzas. Use English muffins, tomato sauce, cheese and any toppings you want. Cook at 350 degrees. Watch until cheese melts.
84. Put on a play.
85. Make an Ice Sun Catcher. Take a pie tin and fill it with water, leaves, pine cones, and yarn so it can hang. Then put it in the freezer and let it freeze. When it is frozen, take it out and hang it on a tree.
86. Shaving cream fight.  Fill pie pans with cream, drip dye in it, and let them make a pretty design, then let them fight it out with it.  Then hose them off for more fun.

87. Let them use your makeup to give you a makeover–this one is HILARIOUS!
88. Let them pick and print out coloring pages online–there are TONS!
89. Make a piñata and fill it with yummy (or healthy) treats.
90. Have a campout in the front room… tent and all.
91. Play doctor.
92. Mummy wrap. Have your kids work together to wrap you, or another child, up in toilet paper.
93. Practice your fire drill. Stop, drop, and roll. What is your plan and your meeting place?
94. Ball toss. Have a few different sized buckets and have kids throw balls into them. For
older kids, fill the buckets with water almost to the top. It is a lot harder than it seems.
95. play hide and go seek..
96. Read a book then act out the story.
97. Indoor bowling. Stuff socks into toilet paper rolls and line them up. Roll a ball into them and you have your own bowling alley!
98. Fill up the sink! Add some dish soap, cups, spoons, bowls and anything else that isn’t breakable. Just make sure there are a couple of towels under their chairs.
99. Take fun pictures in random places
100. Take a bath! Put in toys you usually don’t let go in the tub (that are still waterproof) and they will play forever!
101. Chores. Kids don’t always have to LOVE what they are doing, but I think it is very important to teach what chores are at a young age.

102. play with legos/blocks

103. puzzles

104.  have a candle-lit dinner together.

105. Play in the pool/sprinkler outside

106. Outdoor free play

107. Free play in bedroom

108. go on a walk

109. hunt for pieces of nature outside and bring them home to make a pretty display by gluing them to paper.

110. Have them each help plan a dinner for that week and help make it too.  Give them ideas on pinterest.

111. plant some herbs together in little pots, teaching them about gardening and watch them grow over the weeks.  Use them when they cook their dinner!

112. Gardening/weed picking- they like this more than you’d think!

113. Swinging outside

114. Play “Simon says”

115. bake together (cookies or a treat) and share with a neighbor.

116. Do a random act of kindness.

117. Make a phone call to someone special to tell them hello and we are thinking of you.

118. Write a note/card for someone, or draw a picture.

119. Painting with water (get brushes and bucket of water and paint with water!) on concrete outside

120. Wax paper collage with nature findings.  (put leaves, and flowers between two pieces of wax paper and iron them together.)

121. Find an activity on www.playcreateexplore.com

122. color on the marker board easel.  Have them pretend to be a French artist.  Draw a little mustache on them too!

123.  pick something they want to learn about (fave animal, lighthouses, a career, etc) and do some simple research online.  Have them make little fact cards and compile into a flip book or try out what they’ve learned.

124. Make a slip-n-slide outside with a tarp, hose and soap and let the kids have fun!

125.  Make homemade bouncy balls, crayons, gummies, etc. Look on pinterest for links.

126. Make smore’s in the microwave and eat outside after dark/dinner while telling stories.

127.  Join the library reading program for the summer.  Go to the library to check out a bunch of books and start reading!

128.  Have a waterballoon fight, or play waterballoon volleyball by filling waterballoons, and have two teams each holding a towel, or half-folded bedsheet, and fling the waterballoon to each other, back and forth using the fabric only.  Lots of fun and teaches team work!

129. Make your own trail mix for a snack using things the kids pick.  Options: nuts, m&m’s, skittles, chocolate chips, corn candy, raisins, pretzels, bugle chips, dried fruit, animal crackers, gummies, etc.

130.  Play shop: Get/make some play money, set out items for “sale” making price stickers for them, and have the kids “shop” for a specific suggested event, and have them calculate and budget their spending based on how much money they have to work with.

131. Make tye-died shirts, bandanas, etc.  Look up unique ideas on pinterest.

132.  Have a color-themed meal. (this may take a little preparation)

133.  Let them play online learning games, great for reading help and other skills.  Some good resources are “starfall” and “fisher-price“.

134.Room for more… write your ideas!!